May 2018 happenings

Month of  May has alot of holidays from May 1 Labour day then we had the 3 day election celebration holiday then the Wesak day then , everyone was on a trip somehow. First I was coming back from India trip , then Debbie went to her Hainan trip and Auntie also went for her China trip.
But the highlight was our trip to Sky Mirror tours where we had makan sesion at Sungai Janggut and Tanjung Karang.

2018 April Bday celebration Melaka

This month I had a lot of travelling to do to Mumbai for at least 3 weeks but I need to come back for the big celebration at Melaka. This time we stayed at The Shore. We didn't have much time as I needed to drive back and forth and fly back to Mumbai on Sunday.

Lucas actual 8th birthday celebration

After the last weekend celebration , the actual day we had 2 more celebration the lunch at PV128 and dinner at TGIF Wangsa Walk.

Lucas 8th Birthday

This year we had a combined birthdays with Lucas & Ting Han. This was a mad weekend as we had a visit from Ah Ma, Diana , Doreen n family with my family as well. So it was very noisy with kids.
Lucas had the most fun as he got all the presents he wanted.
The next day we went to let the kids play at Melawati Mall Kidszone almost the whole day.
Then Sunday we had a trip up Genting and Bukit Tinggi.

2018 CNY

Well CNY is here, Gong Xi Fa Cai 2018. This year same as previous years is at my place. It was a rather muted celebration we went to buy most of the stuffs and only cooked some vegetables and steam fish. So since everyone had a holiday on the eve and I took leave as well. We planned to go to the morning market to buy some stuffs and eat breakfast as well. Then off to pick up the Poon Choi and Yee Sang at Dragon-i, then off to pick up the steam chicken and also lunch at Publika before picking up the Pork trotters from Hup Kee Jln Ipoh.

After the long drive, we came home and I had to catch a nap as the weather was hot and I was exhausted. By the time I woke up, everything was set with help from Debbie and the kids. We had the usual makan. Then angpao and the kids wanted to finish up all the fire crackers which everyone had fun.

First and second day was spent as usual at Seremban and Muar came back on Monday, very tired and had some rest on Tuesday but Brandon and Rachel had to go school on Tuesday. Lucas had an extra holiday but still need to go tuition.

PreCNY Weekend

It was the same activity all over again but becoz Ah Mei had been vomiting and sick for the past week worried she wont make it to the swimming lessons again. It was a mad rush as we went for brunch then haircut then lunch again before going back home for some rest then off to PJ Old Town.

The next day went to Korean restaurant at Jln Ipoh Kim Restaurant not bad la but a bit salty.

Ah Mei was complimenting Lucas as "Leng Zhoi" becoz other ppl call her "Leng Loi".

2018 Yay holdiays, Happy New Year, Thaipusam and Fed Day

Happy New Year 2018 same old old, still we have Ah Mei coming back to stay with us at No.2 more often. CNY is right round the corner so there's been a lot of weekends shopping and such. Been looking for help to cut the grass next door till I bought a cutter myself. Not much help till I got the Indian neighbor at the end of the road to help for $50. went back Muar for a short trip.

And also brought the kids for swimming lessons. Been looking for a private one that costs an arm and a leg. Of course I could have taught them but could have strangled them before they learn how to swim, heheh! joking la.Brought them for a weekly lessons , at first Lucas refused but then he agreed and seems to love it now. 150/mth tats the best deal I could find but all the way to PJ Old Town.

When Debbie went to JB for relatives funeral for training I brought them to the newly renovated NSC.
Ah Mei has been developing some rashes we believe is the beginning of Lucas early symptoms, so Ah Mei cannot eat shellfish anymore.

Well on the home front been trying a few DIY projects. Grass cutting machine was not much fun as the spool kept tangling I think better buy the plastic separate to cut, its better and cheaper. Second was the CNY lights we bought from Muar and I had to devise an extension line which was ok but expensive. Then the Sonoff smart switch which I bought with a smart timer, I thought it was a goner till I found a way to link it which was great but I complained to Lazada and got a refund for that, so free device. Not really as I bought more stuffs from Lazada. Now on to the Sonoff Smart Glass 3 switch and an additional 1st gen smart switch which I got it working later, need to wait for it to arrive hopefully before CNY. Then bought 6 stools Frosta from IKEA which costs RM35 each but assembling them made blisters on my fingers

Hilda's limited vocabulary which she can only say "I Dowan"

Dec2017 Holidays

Lets see what did the kids do for the holiday 1) Holiday Camp-Cooking/Leadership 2) Ipoh trip 3) PD trip 4) Muar-JB trip 5) Melawati Mall Kidz Zone 6) Bentong trip. Hmm... I believe we managed to keep their expectation of our duty to keep them occupied.

The last weekend we went back to Muar to have our visit and stock up the fish and otak. Then onward to JB the next day the traffic was very heavy and I had a small mishap as I tried to move away from toll gate II scraped the side of the car. Its got creaking sounds now.
We stayed at a very nice place at KSL Residence and had lunch at DShanghai dim sum restaurant at KSL. Since it was integrated development. It was very convenient for shopping, food and leisure.

We stayed for the dinner at Kim Teng Park where Brandon had his 1st drunk and vomiting experience.

The kids played at the playground and the pool but they kept asking about the KSL Resort Dinosaur themepark next door as we could see them from our balcony.

Finally I managed to eat Muar Assam Fish on our way back from JB and also catched a glimpse of the Mee Bandung Udang Galah

Had stopped by Yi Poh Lou shee fun at Seremban to have lunch and shopped awhile before passing by Fah Kee to buy some liao but sold out too bad. Off went home. This month Debbie has been at home marking but still promised to bring the kids to MM Kidz Zone where they played for 8-9 hrs ,well utilized the entrance fee.

Had a short weekend gathering with all the kids and siblings at Bentong.

Nov-Dec Holiday 2017 Happenings

Its been a tiring and busy months almost travelling every weekend and having many activities planned for the kids as well.

Lets see now we had Brandons birthday party, then Ah Mei had CLC costume party and Lucas had his school makan party.

Ah Mei had her graduation concert

Then both Lucas n Mei went to holiday camp. Boring says Lucas next year no more.

While Brandon went for his Leadership Camp and also the Cooking class, after each lesson he brought bake his masterpieces for us to try.

We went to PD for a weekend and stayed at the D'wharf and had a visit to the Military Museum.

Then Auntie went back to Ipoh for a visit bring along Mei n Lucas. Brandon couldnt go becoz he had a surgery to let out the blocked teeth to align properly.

Oct 2017

This is the hottest month of the year, with heat waves and no rains. We also had a host of problems with the plumbing and water tank leaking so more money spent. Now coming with the auto gate jammed. Sigh! also this is the month that I switched from SDB to DTT.
At first didnt have much to do , luckily we had a lunch buddy to makan for the first day. Subsequently its off to work at Bangsar South to my x-potential employer. It was a whirlwind of introductions and also reading up on their ops. Really "different". So had to suck it up and we have a new team formed to go live in Jan 2018, feels like part of the movie MIx series.

Well didn't go anywhere interesting just hung around KL and this is the exam month as well. Thinking of stopping Teacher Yap for the 2 as I don't see much improvements for Lucas school work. Need to think of another centre for his school work. Another headache. A least Ah Mei we had decided to finish the CLC the on to Chong Hwa the following year.

One interesting event we went was the circus.

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