Sep 2018

What happened this month, well the usual , my birthday and more makan, went back Muar for a visit to Ah Kong. A few long weekend holidays. Went bike riding with Ah Mei, Debbie went to work to Chengdu, China and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Ah Mei, Ah Cas and Debbie felt sick and got well again. Swimming with the kids and doing butterfly style first time close to 28 yr ago and almost killed myself diving and knocked my headache and my neck hurts like hell.

Shopping for some new tablets, phones and clothes for the kids. Did a new glasses for Lucas.Went to shopping malls KLCC, Mid Valley etc.

Aug 2018 holidays Serendah-Ipoh-Tg Tualang-Sitiawan-Tg Karang

Day1 Serendah-Ipoh

August school holidays has come and I had better plan something for the kids else they will complain. So we decided for the road trip early on Saturday morning on 18th Aug and we tried the new Rawang bypass elevated highway. The view was beautiful and traffic was good. We reached the small town of Serendah to try the new coffee shop Yee Kee. Overall is nice ,then had a long drive to Ipoh , there were some traffic but not too bad since the accident happened on the other side of the road. Typical of Malaysians to slow down the traffic just to kaypo whats the damage like.

Managed to reach Ipoh by noon but wasn't feeling hungry yet so we went to the Miniature Wonder Art Gallery nr Old Town. After that went to Sin Yoon Loong and Foong, the morning crowd left and so not much food left for lunch just tried their coffee , ok la sweet. Then checked in to Majestic Tower. Clean but a different unit, this time we have Unifi Tv . Wow! the kids loved it and then they went for a swim while I rested. Night came and we went for dinner @SYW , tried to look for the Ipoh walk pasar malam nr Aeon Mall but it was closed down for months. So went to have some Tong Sui Kai for some desserts before retiring for the night.

Day2 Lost World of Tambun

So woke up and went for dimsum at Sun Kok Kee Bercham closer to Lost World. Not bad la parking was lucky parked right in front. Then spent whole day long at Lost World by the time we came home . Was so tired but dropped the girls for their shopping spree and then we went back to the unit to rest then came out again for dinner at Old town this time we had Lou Wong Bean Sprouts Chicken. Then rested for the next day.

Day3 TT5, Ayer Tawar and Sitiawan

So woke up and had breakfast at Loke Wooi Kee then went back to pack the rest of the stuffs before leaving for TT5. Traffic was good and reached there ahead of time but the kids just wasn't interested , the guide and tour was nice and insightful of the industry way back. Then quickly went to Ayer Tawar for lunch at Ing Hua(air cond) instead of Sun Hon Siong(old). Lunch was nice and we dropped at a few places to shop but the girls wasn't interested. Tried their Momo , nice la but not very like. Finally went to pickup the Kong Piah at Cheng Li, taste wise ok ok only la but wont go back there again to order and buy. But still need to pass by Cheong Cia to buy back and also stopped by James Cendol awhile then pick up some cash from the ATM then came back to pickup Debbie. While checked in at the new place the floor and air was a bit dusty. Overall ok la quite big with 4 rooms. They had wifi and Astro ,ok la but so many flies. Then went for a swim at the club house swimming pool. Then went for dinner at Ah Hing. Sigh! Dont know what's the fuss about food was mostly full of flour and MSG flavoring. Too bad so sad not going back there anymore.

Day4 Sitiawan-Tg Karang

Went for early breakfast at Nan Wah Kopitiam , not bad la got lots of variety and choices. Food taste ok. Had a visit at their chicken coop also. Then went to have a look at the Mee Sua factory stopped awhile only then went to Tua Pek Kong temple while the kids had fun rowing boats. Then off we went back to the house and packed before leaving. Then had a long drive before reaching Suang Le River Rest at Tg Karang. The food was good, value for money and everyone was satisfied then went back home and rested. Had dinner at Bee Won that night while I had to prepare for work tomorrow on Hari Raya Haji.

July 2018 Happenings

Highlight was the 3 parties for Rachel that we had the pre, joint and on the actual day. We had the party at Kidzone Melawati Mall that we invited all the kids and also Lucas classmate Raynern.
We went back Muar to celebrate with Ah Kong had big dinner at the Yuan Shun restaurant , where food was luxurious.

The finally the actual day we had a simple cake and had dinner at Sri Rampai Canton Kitchen

Then Lucas, Brandon and Ah Mei got sick as well. Then once they were well went to KLCC Park and also makan at Malaysia Boleh.

Makan medicine menu

Brandon didn't do well on his mid term so we suggested to change to Pathway Cheras next year so we had a visit to Michael's place and ask him whether he was ok with the move, and he seems ok with the move.So will make a withdrawal notice to Wesley and also will go for another assessment this Sept for his placement test.

June 2018 Happennigs

Highlight of the month was the Spore trip which was really the airplance ride that they missed so much after skipping the Langkawi flight trips. We stayed at Daphne's place at Ang Mo Kio. Then went makan at place around it. Went to Spore Zoo and Sentosa Island Aquarium and that was it.

Ah Mei had her Sports Day event at Mun Yee School.

I went to Melaka for xSime collegue Chong CW while the rest of the kids spent time galavanting at the Melaka Jonker street and boat ride.

Had a birthday celebration with the kids and also Mum n Dad

Fun at home and their handiwork

May 2018 happenings

Month of  May has alot of holidays from May 1 Labour day then we had the 3 day election celebration holiday then the Wesak day then , everyone was on a trip somehow. First I was coming back from India trip , then Debbie went to her Hainan trip and Auntie also went for her China trip.
But the highlight was our trip to Sky Mirror tours where we had makan sesion at Sungai Janggut and Tanjung Karang.

2018 April Bday celebration Melaka

This month I had a lot of travelling to do to Mumbai for at least 3 weeks but I need to come back for the big celebration at Melaka. This time we stayed at The Shore. We didn't have much time as I needed to drive back and forth and fly back to Mumbai on Sunday.

Lucas actual 8th birthday celebration

After the last weekend celebration , the actual day we had 2 more celebration the lunch at PV128 and dinner at TGIF Wangsa Walk.

Lucas 8th Birthday

This year we had a combined birthdays with Lucas & Ting Han. This was a mad weekend as we had a visit from Ah Ma, Diana , Doreen n family with my family as well. So it was very noisy with kids.
Lucas had the most fun as he got all the presents he wanted.
The next day we went to let the kids play at Melawati Mall Kidszone almost the whole day.
Then Sunday we had a trip up Genting and Bukit Tinggi.

2018 CNY

Well CNY is here, Gong Xi Fa Cai 2018. This year same as previous years is at my place. It was a rather muted celebration we went to buy most of the stuffs and only cooked some vegetables and steam fish. So since everyone had a holiday on the eve and I took leave as well. We planned to go to the morning market to buy some stuffs and eat breakfast as well. Then off to pick up the Poon Choi and Yee Sang at Dragon-i, then off to pick up the steam chicken and also lunch at Publika before picking up the Pork trotters from Hup Kee Jln Ipoh.

After the long drive, we came home and I had to catch a nap as the weather was hot and I was exhausted. By the time I woke up, everything was set with help from Debbie and the kids. We had the usual makan. Then angpao and the kids wanted to finish up all the fire crackers which everyone had fun.

First and second day was spent as usual at Seremban and Muar came back on Monday, very tired and had some rest on Tuesday but Brandon and Rachel had to go school on Tuesday. Lucas had an extra holiday but still need to go tuition.

PreCNY Weekend

It was the same activity all over again but becoz Ah Mei had been vomiting and sick for the past week worried she wont make it to the swimming lessons again. It was a mad rush as we went for brunch then haircut then lunch again before going back home for some rest then off to PJ Old Town.

The next day went to Korean restaurant at Jln Ipoh Kim Restaurant not bad la but a bit salty.

Ah Mei was complimenting Lucas as "Leng Zhoi" becoz other ppl call her "Leng Loi".