December of never

Well times has flown by without really realizing it. Sometimes I like to stare at Brandon and he'll go: Woi! i busy la, u do your work or whatever that I was doing. We watch movies all the time and they always make statements about family and love, it sounds so corny and fake. But when you have a child of your own and watching him growing up everyday with his quirks and tantrums. I am just in awe of how such a small fella can bring us so much pride and joy. Ok enough of babbling and lets get on with what we did during the school holidays. Well we spent sometime in Muar then back in KL saw some Xmas trees in KLCC.

Here's another one where the vain pot almost finished my tub of Tancho on his hair which you can see his hair gleaming.

Then we were being harassed by Brandon every single day complaining that he's so bored and we never bring him out. So we decided to bring him to Sunway Lagoon again.
One thing with Brandon is that he's not tired of doing things over and over again.
At first he cried when we brought him to the dry park rides. He was so terrified of the ride. But after the first one , he was so hyped up he was willing to try all the rides including the mini roller coaster.
When we finally got to the wet park , that's when he went delirious with joy ans it was such a hassle to play with him and also shoot pics so we didn't take any since we had already taken the last time round.

Haadyai Trip


It was last Friday nite train that we planned to go Haadyai that started from 8pm and reaching there at 11am next morning. Luckily we took the bottom bunk otherwise it would be a hassle to climb up and down. Well waited at KFC and Debbie just got the new Olympus camera and handed it to Brandon for his pleasure so he kept clicking away till his heart content. So you will see a lot of him taking pictures of himself.

The journey up was quite boring and long luckily we had a bed to lie down while the rest of the gang namely Doreen n the JB gang were gambling the whole nite to kill time

Travel up

The day that we arrived we had lunch then back to hotel (Mayflower) was newly renovated and close to the shopping complex nearby. Luckily we had Somsak to guide us around town in his tuk tuk.


The next day we went to the market on foot then went on a food hunt to look for makan along the way. Interestingly they have a lot of Teochew in Haadyai, so haggling for price is easy if u know how to speak Hokkien. Even the prices here are more often quoted in MYR, who says we're in Thailand!


Went to a few shopping complex then there was Tesco, Lotus which we had to take alonger ride out of town. The past few days were raining , drizzling everyday when we were there.


For dinner we went to a few restaurants but only managed to catch some pictures on the 2nd nite. Food was good and reasonable if u know which ones to look for.

Last day

For the journey back had to ta pau for dinner as the journey back was long and the canteen food in the train sucks. So ta pau some BBQ Pork rice , Stew Pork leg rice and some KFC. Suprisingly the selections of McD and KFC here has a lot more variety of which we had never seen in Malaysia.


Brandon with his new toy and bugging everyone on the train.

Got some photos using Doreens camera

Penang Part3

The month of November was a busy month, actually Brandon had his birthday earlier than usual as everyone was free during the weekend. But on the actual day itself we had a family affair just the 3 of us going JJ and letting him choose his toys and play video games at the Fun Park. This time round Debbie had to go to Penang again for the training course she had to conduct, so we took another holiday to Penang again.
He had the usual fun in the hotel watching cartoons, playing at the pool but this time round spending more time at Gurney Plaza looking at toys and at the Fun Park.
Wanted to bring him to the Toy Museum but he was terrified of the scary figures at the beginning of the gallery. Ceh! Wasted RM16. This time round before going to Penang, had the car converted to NGV so fuel costs was only RM30, compared to last time was at least RM240, hah! saved.

Chow time

Just some pics to show how cheeky he is while eating his favorite chicken wings n ice-cream.

St Ronan Annual Concert 2008

Well last Sunday was Brandons big day so he could show off his moves at the annual concert. Well I was seated quite far from the stage and there were too many parents in front. So being a non kiasu parent I stayed at my own seat and took pictures from afar. As you can see it was a busy morning as we dressed him and tried to have some make up on him. (Yee....., at first he said no, later he wanted to look in the mirror , vain pot)

I tell you if not for Brandon performing in the event, we wont be going there becoz its a 2hr plus long performance. By the time they reach Brandons turn ,the show was almost over and we were glad coz there's only so much of kiddy performance for one day. Brandon was doing the drum dance event over the "Sukiyaki" song

Doing his business

Well I got a new phone from Sg Wang as the old one kept dying on me. While trying out the phone, took the first picture of Brandon. Then the next day caught Brandon doing his business and then he drew some pictures of the Ultraman family at the end of the clip.

This is him posing for a noodles commercial. Mmmmmm....! Noodles taste so good.

Mumm... I want a new toy

Ask and it was given, he was so excited with the toy that he woke me up from my sleep to show off his new toy. And it didn't last more than 1 hr later that he ask for another new toy tomorrow.
This was just one of the weekends that I finally got some free time that I could send my car for service and it burnt a hole in my wallet. ouch.. and the car need new tyres too. ouch... ouch...

He was quite distracted by the TV show

You would have thought he was doing an Indian dance, but actually he was trying to show the kung fu moves he saw from TV.

Penang trip Part2

Well, its that time of the year again, Debbie needs to conduct training in Penang and I will have to be driver cum babysitter cum tour guide as well. Fortunately this time round its the school holidays and Brandon dont have to ponteng class again.
We started off early at abt 9 am took the Rawang route and came out the North south highway. I must say its a much faster and cheaper way as well. At least we got to check out Rawang town and Templers' Park. We stopped at Tapah rest stop for some toilet break and fruits then continued to Bukit Tambun for some lunch.
Brandon had some sugar boost in between.

Debbie was so scared that we didnt have enough money to pay for lunch that we stopped at bank to withdraw some before asking for directions to go to Prawn Village at Bagan Bukit Tambun. Well we were not disappointed with the selection, freshness, price and most of all the good cooking. Yummy.

We took a ferry instead of the bridge towards Penang island just to experience what it felt like. Well I must say it took quite sometime for us to wait but it was nice as we were able to reach right into the city.

Then we took a few wrong turns as I get familiarised with Penang one way and big turn around roads. Once we checked in at Gurney hotel , we set off to Miami Beach. Yes Miami beach in Penang, who would have thought. The houses here are quite nice as well. Brandon was moaning on and on in the car as he wanted to go to the hotel pool instead. Debbie thought it would be better for him to be at a real beach instead.
After that came back to wash up and head to Gurney drive to have dinner and head straight back to the hotel. Exhausted.

And finally when we head back we saw Brandons idol that was a very enticing figure for all the kids Brandons age to enrol at the kindy. This is really Tok Kong at Tanjong Tokong.

Day2 and Day3
We didnt do much just spent sometime at the pool and had ice creams then wait for Mummy to get back and by that time Brandon had already collapsed.
We got back on Sat evening so we can get at least 1 day of rest at home.

Later Mummy and Brandon would fight over who can play computer games.

Hee yah! Dont mess with me!

Sorry for not updating in the month of July , time just flew by and before I knew it, July had come and gone. We are starting Brandon in taekwando class. Since everyone is worried he is so manja and scared he's turning sissified. So we decided to let him try out for at least a month in the class without buying him a uniform and see how long he could last. We started him last week but this week they had another outing to the chocolate factory so ,this week, Brandons the only kid in class!

Burp! Excuse me that was my breakfast with bubble drink!

PWC Family Day at Sunway Lagoon

Well this was Debbies co. annual event, the last time we went with Brandon a few years ago. He was quite the scaredy cat that he didn't dared to step into the water. But he is still scared of trying the slides and other rides. Well the day didn't start well as it was a gloomy day with a slight drizzle that came on and off during the day. Had to persuade him to try out the other stall games as well. But alas, he had to stand in queue for quite sometime and also he didn't win anything at all. You can see his frustration from his disappointed look. After that we had the packet lunch but what he wanted was the mango pudding, and he finished 3 in in one sitting.

Spore trip

Last weekend made a trip to Spore to attend Alicia's wedding, so we booked ourselves a luxury coach Transtar. Brandon made it his choice becoz of the Nintendo available.
They had videos on demand, games , songs and massage chair that is comparable if not better than airplane facilities.

Brandon found some new friends to play with Max n Maya.

Managed to spend a bit of time shopping Bugis Junction. Then stayed at Amara hotel for 1 nite, had lunch at Cafe cartel before leaving for KL.

He just loves staying in a hotel room

As usual Brandon likes to sleep at the wrong time while having lunch. Then for the journey home this time no Nintendo so had to make do with his Gameboy.

Mothers Day celebration

On May 9 the school had invited the mothers for a celebration so Debbie took a day off to spend time with Brandon but I had to work so I didnt go. Debbie took some videos and some pictures of what went on that day.