Spore trip

Last weekend made a trip to Spore to attend Alicia's wedding, so we booked ourselves a luxury coach Transtar. Brandon made it his choice becoz of the Nintendo available.
They had videos on demand, games , songs and massage chair that is comparable if not better than airplane facilities.

Brandon found some new friends to play with Max n Maya.

Managed to spend a bit of time shopping Bugis Junction. Then stayed at Amara hotel for 1 nite, had lunch at Cafe cartel before leaving for KL.

He just loves staying in a hotel room

As usual Brandon likes to sleep at the wrong time while having lunch. Then for the journey home this time no Nintendo so had to make do with his Gameboy.

Mothers Day celebration

On May 9 the school had invited the mothers for a celebration so Debbie took a day off to spend time with Brandon but I had to work so I didnt go. Debbie took some videos and some pictures of what went on that day.

3 in 1 Birthday celebration

In April, there would be a 3 in 1 celebration as there are 3 birthday babies namely :- Ah Ma, Mummy and Doreen Tan. So we planned for an outing to Shogun at 1 Utama to try the Jap buffet. Not bad la.. for the price. And so Brandon had his fun eating his favorites 3 bowls of white rice and ice-cream which he tried by colours. After that went to the playground nearby.
Visited some mini zoo at the ground floor exhibiting some reptiles, monkeys and other small creatures. Spent a couple of hours at Jusco as well and Brandon had a lot of fun playing the V Smile games by standing there over an hour hoarding the machine and not letting other kids play. So then, Mummy can steal some time away from Brandon to buy her beauty products and pamper herself.

The next evening had another dinner at Hee Lai Ton at the Shaw Parade. Food quite good also. Brandon as usual ordered white rice again!!!. Every where we go the waiters would pity Brandon becoz he would the first to finish his white rice first before the dishes arrive, but that's the way he likes it , plain white rice. We had booked the package which was quite tasty and value for money, in between we also had some fun as Brandon tries his karaoke singing as well.