Penang trip Part2

Well, its that time of the year again, Debbie needs to conduct training in Penang and I will have to be driver cum babysitter cum tour guide as well. Fortunately this time round its the school holidays and Brandon dont have to ponteng class again.
We started off early at abt 9 am took the Rawang route and came out the North south highway. I must say its a much faster and cheaper way as well. At least we got to check out Rawang town and Templers' Park. We stopped at Tapah rest stop for some toilet break and fruits then continued to Bukit Tambun for some lunch.
Brandon had some sugar boost in between.

Debbie was so scared that we didnt have enough money to pay for lunch that we stopped at bank to withdraw some before asking for directions to go to Prawn Village at Bagan Bukit Tambun. Well we were not disappointed with the selection, freshness, price and most of all the good cooking. Yummy.

We took a ferry instead of the bridge towards Penang island just to experience what it felt like. Well I must say it took quite sometime for us to wait but it was nice as we were able to reach right into the city.

Then we took a few wrong turns as I get familiarised with Penang one way and big turn around roads. Once we checked in at Gurney hotel , we set off to Miami Beach. Yes Miami beach in Penang, who would have thought. The houses here are quite nice as well. Brandon was moaning on and on in the car as he wanted to go to the hotel pool instead. Debbie thought it would be better for him to be at a real beach instead.
After that came back to wash up and head to Gurney drive to have dinner and head straight back to the hotel. Exhausted.

And finally when we head back we saw Brandons idol that was a very enticing figure for all the kids Brandons age to enrol at the kindy. This is really Tok Kong at Tanjong Tokong.

Day2 and Day3
We didnt do much just spent sometime at the pool and had ice creams then wait for Mummy to get back and by that time Brandon had already collapsed.
We got back on Sat evening so we can get at least 1 day of rest at home.

Later Mummy and Brandon would fight over who can play computer games.

Hee yah! Dont mess with me!

Sorry for not updating in the month of July , time just flew by and before I knew it, July had come and gone. We are starting Brandon in taekwando class. Since everyone is worried he is so manja and scared he's turning sissified. So we decided to let him try out for at least a month in the class without buying him a uniform and see how long he could last. We started him last week but this week they had another outing to the chocolate factory so ,this week, Brandons the only kid in class!

Burp! Excuse me that was my breakfast with bubble drink!