Haadyai Trip


It was last Friday nite train that we planned to go Haadyai that started from 8pm and reaching there at 11am next morning. Luckily we took the bottom bunk otherwise it would be a hassle to climb up and down. Well waited at KFC and Debbie just got the new Olympus camera and handed it to Brandon for his pleasure so he kept clicking away till his heart content. So you will see a lot of him taking pictures of himself.

The journey up was quite boring and long luckily we had a bed to lie down while the rest of the gang namely Doreen n the JB gang were gambling the whole nite to kill time

Travel up

The day that we arrived we had lunch then back to hotel (Mayflower) was newly renovated and close to the shopping complex nearby. Luckily we had Somsak to guide us around town in his tuk tuk.


The next day we went to the market on foot then went on a food hunt to look for makan along the way. Interestingly they have a lot of Teochew in Haadyai, so haggling for price is easy if u know how to speak Hokkien. Even the prices here are more often quoted in MYR, who says we're in Thailand!


Went to a few shopping complex then there was Tesco, Lotus which we had to take alonger ride out of town. The past few days were raining , drizzling everyday when we were there.


For dinner we went to a few restaurants but only managed to catch some pictures on the 2nd nite. Food was good and reasonable if u know which ones to look for.

Last day

For the journey back had to ta pau for dinner as the journey back was long and the canteen food in the train sucks. So ta pau some BBQ Pork rice , Stew Pork leg rice and some KFC. Suprisingly the selections of McD and KFC here has a lot more variety of which we had never seen in Malaysia.


Brandon with his new toy and bugging everyone on the train.

Got some photos using Doreens camera

Penang Part3

The month of November was a busy month, actually Brandon had his birthday earlier than usual as everyone was free during the weekend. But on the actual day itself we had a family affair just the 3 of us going JJ and letting him choose his toys and play video games at the Fun Park. This time round Debbie had to go to Penang again for the training course she had to conduct, so we took another holiday to Penang again.
He had the usual fun in the hotel watching cartoons, playing at the pool but this time round spending more time at Gurney Plaza looking at toys and at the Fun Park.
Wanted to bring him to the Toy Museum but he was terrified of the scary figures at the beginning of the gallery. Ceh! Wasted RM16. This time round before going to Penang, had the car converted to NGV so fuel costs was only RM30, compared to last time was at least RM240, hah! saved.