Penang Part3

The month of November was a busy month, actually Brandon had his birthday earlier than usual as everyone was free during the weekend. But on the actual day itself we had a family affair just the 3 of us going JJ and letting him choose his toys and play video games at the Fun Park. This time round Debbie had to go to Penang again for the training course she had to conduct, so we took another holiday to Penang again.
He had the usual fun in the hotel watching cartoons, playing at the pool but this time round spending more time at Gurney Plaza looking at toys and at the Fun Park.
Wanted to bring him to the Toy Museum but he was terrified of the scary figures at the beginning of the gallery. Ceh! Wasted RM16. This time round before going to Penang, had the car converted to NGV so fuel costs was only RM30, compared to last time was at least RM240, hah! saved.