December of never

Well times has flown by without really realizing it. Sometimes I like to stare at Brandon and he'll go: Woi! i busy la, u do your work or whatever that I was doing. We watch movies all the time and they always make statements about family and love, it sounds so corny and fake. But when you have a child of your own and watching him growing up everyday with his quirks and tantrums. I am just in awe of how such a small fella can bring us so much pride and joy. Ok enough of babbling and lets get on with what we did during the school holidays. Well we spent sometime in Muar then back in KL saw some Xmas trees in KLCC.

Here's another one where the vain pot almost finished my tub of Tancho on his hair which you can see his hair gleaming.

Then we were being harassed by Brandon every single day complaining that he's so bored and we never bring him out. So we decided to bring him to Sunway Lagoon again.
One thing with Brandon is that he's not tired of doing things over and over again.
At first he cried when we brought him to the dry park rides. He was so terrified of the ride. But after the first one , he was so hyped up he was willing to try all the rides including the mini roller coaster.
When we finally got to the wet park , that's when he went delirious with joy ans it was such a hassle to play with him and also shoot pics so we didn't take any since we had already taken the last time round.