December celebration

Finally, Brandon could spend some time with his favorite cousin and best friend Tristan since they are of the same age. We traveled down to JB for the Xmas holiday with the JB gang. First we had makan party at Kim Teng park. The next day went over to Spore to shop awhile at Causeway Point. Then had another party at Betty's new house warming cum Xmas party. Lastly was the family event at Tristan's house. This was more fun as we had a singing session and the boys were performing using their guitar. On the last day supposed to leave but had a scare as Ah Ma had an UTI infection , so had to be admitted for 1 day and we had to stay over at the the hotel 1 more day before going back to Muar then back to KL for Brandon's school day.

On 31 Dec Brandon had his first day of orientation at his new school Chong Hwa which we can see his class right opposite our room. (hee... hee.. which we can spy on him if we want to see what he's doing.)At first when he awoke to wash up he complained that he was scared as his new school has to use Chinese to converse. Sobbing in between he says "But I cannot speak Chinese". Had to reassure him as he was supposed to get used to it since he has been staying with Hui Mee for so long speaking Mandarin. Then he started his antics complaining of stomach pains. So we walked him to the school and had to endure the super kiasu headmaster walking thru the requirements of the day of filling up the forms, paying up, collecting the text books etc.

Look at his sorry face and bulging tummy.

December holidays

Well the holidays has arrived and we managed to bring Brandon to some of his favorite activities which is enjoying a holiday stay at the hotel. Managed to spend one nite at The Palace of the Golden Horses. Then did another major purchase which was a PSP that he has been asking for it for as long as 2 years ago. It was about 6 months ago , that his Gameboy died. So the mummy has generously bought him a PSP while we were at the Mines.

Then recently Debbie had a PWC Sports club sponsored Family Day event at Genting. All of us (Ah Ee, Sa Ee, Mummy, Yati(Mummy colleague) n Brandon) went up using our trusted Waja. We enjoyed the breakfast and lunch session at the Coffee Terrace and also the All Parks voucher. Brandon got to go to his fav place which is the Snow House but couldn't manage to build his snow house and snowman. Then came out had his Maggie Noodle in a cup to keep himself warm. We visited Motion Master 4D where we saw a movie about Dinosaurs. Brandon was scared silly as the 3d effect was so real and so loud that he kept his eyes and ears closed most of the time.

And then finally the 3 sisters went on a Treasure Hunt that they won 1st prize of RM1,500 that they spilt among themselves only. Well afterwards had a few more rides at the Outdoor Parks before leaving home about 5pm. Reached home about 6plus then everyone was tired and collapsed till next day skipping dinner.

6th Birthday celebration

Well I was supposed to update this during November but I didnt take the photos, Ah Kung did it and I had to wait till the next trip back to Muar then only can post the pictures. Actually I had to skip the actual day as I was away on a business trip in Bangkok. Well the girls brought him out to TGIF that nite and staffs sang a birthday song for him. When he was asked to sing , he was so shy only his mouth moved but no voice came forth.
When I came back, we had to wait for the rest of the Muar gang to celebrate with him at Redbox Plus. Got free makan , drinks and sing song as well. They chose the room closest to the buffet spread. We had the birthday cake with his favorite cartoon Ben 10. Also opened the presents bought by everyone.

KL weekends on Nov

Sometimes we spend sometime out at KLCC Chilli's but usually have to wait for 1 hr to get to our seats , so Brandon usually had his sushi from Isetan before eating at Chilli's.

The Last St Ronan Concert year 2009

Yay! Its concert time again. This year Brandon get to play the angklung, too bad he's in a big group that we couldn't see him play.

Actually the school should have one more solo performance , "MJ impersonation"

Other performances

Leftover weekends

Well found a bunch of our outings with Brandon and tried to compile them together.

In case you are wondering, why he kept saying "N", its for Neutral Gear so that the car wash machine can pull the car thru the machine.

Penang trip Part 4

Went to Penang on a 3 day holiday to Brandons fave hotel at Gurney Resort.
This time round went with Ah Ma n gang for a food holiday where we stuffed ourselves silly. Brandon was bored following us to all the historic houses of Peranakan house and Khoo Kongsi. He just wanted to play slides at the hotel and watch cartoon network whole day in an air-condition room.
Even though had been in Penang 3 times before but still dont know how to get around Georgetown. But this time round I have got a Garmin GPS so we can move around with no problems. So onwards to stuff ourselves silly for the next 3 days

Itinerary Day1
Move out from KL at 8am took the highway from Duta then exit Rawang to fill up gas. Then stopover at Tapah for an hour and continued my journey. Exited at Taiping then reached Parit Buntar for gas fill up, onwards to Bagan Prawn Village , Tambun for lunch at at 1pm +. After lunch onwards to the island using the ferry service at Butterworth, Deb was pissed becoz the trunk road was jammed. Reached the hotel and headed straight for the pool. Had dinner at New Lane then we went back to hotel and the rest of the gang went to Gurney Plaza to shop , stock up supplies.

Itinerary Day2
Had breakfast at Pulau Tikus Market then onwards to Peranakan Hse then onwards to Khoo Kongsi. It was a hot, hot, HOOOOO.....TTTT day. Lunch was at New World Park. Then went back to hotel for a rest. Then went to Batu Ferringhi beach then came back to town for dinner at Hot Wok Rest. Went back hotel but the others went to pack supper from New Lane.

Itinerary Day3
Had Bak Kut Teh breakfast at Song River. Then stopped by Him Heang to stock up some supplies then back to hotel. Brandon went to play at the pool for one last time before we had a late checked out by 2pm then head out for lunch at Nyonya Breeze and had some dessert at New World Plaza one last time before leaving using the ferry again. Stopped for gas at Prai then onwards to Tapah for a stopover arrived at 630pm for some Baskin Robbins. Left Tapah and reached home at 830pm, was really really tired and we had dinner/supper at BRJ. Came home and slept direct.

Sept weekends

Well after the Cameron trip decided to take it easy and just lepak around town. And we booked ourselves at Mines Wellness Resort. So spent some time at the Mines , shopped, ate, then bowling, karaoke then back to hotel. Tomorrow had a dip before leaving to Ikea for a short trip then back home.

His latest drawings, try to guess what he's trying to say

Cameron 2009

Well I was away from Malaysia due to work assignment to Weifang, Shandong, China for 1 month and when I got back to Malaysia in Aug , we were supposed to drive up to Cameron Highlands the next day. Spent 3 days and 2 nites seeing the sites and buying and eating etc...

Forgot to mention we stopped over at Ipoh Thean Chun then got lost trying to get out of Ipoh to Cameron Highland . Needless to say the place was packed and it was peak hour coupled with a rainy day. Look at the food we had at Cameron.

Register for Next Year Enrolment

Today I was reminded to register Brandon to his school next door. Well I got the notice last week and even before that Auntie was already reminding me to do it. Luckily I am on leave so I could do it. What pisses me is that I needed to fill in 3 forms which are nearly identical. Why cant they just combine them . And they keep asking all sorts of questions. Look at the forms and you'll know what I mean. I remarked to Debbie(who has always been against Chinese schools) abt it. She said "Communist mah, U dont know meh, The headmaster sort sort one!" As we could hear the assembly every morning , he does seems to be quite money minded always asking for donations and singing praises about the school.

Based on Aunties advice to enrol him to a 精英 class, felt abit kiasu but what to do since his playmate Mimi is there also, so I should enrol him to the same class to reduce the shock of a new environment.

During registration I had trouble writing his Chinese name also. Argh... Sometimes I wonder is this really helping him or torturing him? Sigh... decisions decisions. Had a discussion with Debbie abt it sometime back becoz he's always ignoring his Chinese and hates it as well. "I DONT LIKE CHINESE" he says. But as parents we also wants what's the best for him. Let him try it out else the next option is private school which costs an arm and a leg.

An update on some visits

First we visited Ethan and saw how fast his cousin is growing up.
Then he played my phone by taking pictures of Auntie Siew Nar and his playmate Mi er.

Last weekend , we went for Debbie cousins Nie Nie wedding in JB. Brandon was so excited meeting up with Tristan and the JB gang.

Celebrations May

May was quite an eventful month as Brandons aunt Vicki ,was getting married and he became the so called flower boy and also the car door opener for the groom on the wedding ceremony day. Unfortunately he was exhausted at the end of the day so he could only enjoy the 1st few dish after that he was asleep the whole nite. On the day itself Muar gang had already taken a fancy family portrait at a nearby studio.

Then we went to JB for the grand uncle birthday celebration. Brandon got to play with the rest of the JB gang. And to stay at his favorite place(hotel). We asked him why. Becoz cold cold so nice. The place was at Grand Bluewave , quite expensive but the view was nice.

Mix n Match April 2009

There was a few outings we went during the year but didnt get published becoz too busy. So now we tried to mix n match with some candid shots n also some of outings to FRIM Kepong, April girls birthdays, Sports day etc.

FRIM Kepong
First up was the FRIM photos that happened sometime back, was tiring but didnt make it for the hanging bridge walk. Had to carry Brandon most of the time.

Candid -weekend
Over the past few weekends went to Amcorp Mall, got an Indian haircut etc.

April Birthdays
Had to rush to Melaka and back on Sat nite for Sundays Sports Day.
Spent some time at Jonker Street for the tailored baju nyonya. Then spent some time at Mahkota Parade before deciding to go for dinner at Makko Nyonya food rest at Melaka Raya. We waited from 5 plus till 7pm for Doreen as she lost her way a few times. Dinner was nice bought some sauces back as well.

Sports day
This was last weekend, actually quite a short one, parking was terrible.But luckily this year everything went on schedule so it was over by 10+, Brandon was happy to leave to take his lunch at Sky (fav: spaghetti, fish & eggs)

Brandons missing days

March and February just whizzed by so busy. Luckily managed to get a few shots during our day out at Ikano. The boy is still interested in these cars, we told him he's too old for these things, usually reserved for babies. But he insisted, oh well! Took a few shots of Brandons cousin Ethan.

CNY 09

Well the new year came and past, I was particularly busy and Brandon enjoyed his stay at Ah Ma's house till he asked to come back to KL (had enough).
Chinese New Year celebration was celebrated in KL, Seremban , Muar , JB then all the way to Spore. Unfortunately I was back at work on Day3 of CNY. So most of the pictures were taken by Debbie and Brandon too.

This was the Muar celebration and you can see he's enjoying the bubble drink!

The famous Laksa Johor of Muar , Jln Sakeh Tmn Sri Intan, House of Tan

JB trip and visit to his friend Tristan

JB Crystal Crown that he loves to stay

Muar CNY we spent some time at a local fun fair where he took rides.

Back at home he'll bug me to play on my lap top.