Mix n Match April 2009

There was a few outings we went during the year but didnt get published becoz too busy. So now we tried to mix n match with some candid shots n also some of outings to FRIM Kepong, April girls birthdays, Sports day etc.

FRIM Kepong
First up was the FRIM photos that happened sometime back, was tiring but didnt make it for the hanging bridge walk. Had to carry Brandon most of the time.

Candid -weekend
Over the past few weekends went to Amcorp Mall, got an Indian haircut etc.

April Birthdays
Had to rush to Melaka and back on Sat nite for Sundays Sports Day.
Spent some time at Jonker Street for the tailored baju nyonya. Then spent some time at Mahkota Parade before deciding to go for dinner at Makko Nyonya food rest at Melaka Raya. We waited from 5 plus till 7pm for Doreen as she lost her way a few times. Dinner was nice bought some sauces back as well.

Sports day
This was last weekend, actually quite a short one, parking was terrible.But luckily this year everything went on schedule so it was over by 10+, Brandon was happy to leave to take his lunch at Sky (fav: spaghetti, fish & eggs)