Register for Next Year Enrolment

Today I was reminded to register Brandon to his school next door. Well I got the notice last week and even before that Auntie was already reminding me to do it. Luckily I am on leave so I could do it. What pisses me is that I needed to fill in 3 forms which are nearly identical. Why cant they just combine them . And they keep asking all sorts of questions. Look at the forms and you'll know what I mean. I remarked to Debbie(who has always been against Chinese schools) abt it. She said "Communist mah, U dont know meh, The headmaster sort sort one!" As we could hear the assembly every morning , he does seems to be quite money minded always asking for donations and singing praises about the school.

Based on Aunties advice to enrol him to a 精英 class, felt abit kiasu but what to do since his playmate Mimi is there also, so I should enrol him to the same class to reduce the shock of a new environment.

During registration I had trouble writing his Chinese name also. Argh... Sometimes I wonder is this really helping him or torturing him? Sigh... decisions decisions. Had a discussion with Debbie abt it sometime back becoz he's always ignoring his Chinese and hates it as well. "I DONT LIKE CHINESE" he says. But as parents we also wants what's the best for him. Let him try it out else the next option is private school which costs an arm and a leg.

An update on some visits

First we visited Ethan and saw how fast his cousin is growing up.
Then he played my phone by taking pictures of Auntie Siew Nar and his playmate Mi er.

Last weekend , we went for Debbie cousins Nie Nie wedding in JB. Brandon was so excited meeting up with Tristan and the JB gang.