Sept weekends

Well after the Cameron trip decided to take it easy and just lepak around town. And we booked ourselves at Mines Wellness Resort. So spent some time at the Mines , shopped, ate, then bowling, karaoke then back to hotel. Tomorrow had a dip before leaving to Ikea for a short trip then back home.

His latest drawings, try to guess what he's trying to say

Cameron 2009

Well I was away from Malaysia due to work assignment to Weifang, Shandong, China for 1 month and when I got back to Malaysia in Aug , we were supposed to drive up to Cameron Highlands the next day. Spent 3 days and 2 nites seeing the sites and buying and eating etc...

Forgot to mention we stopped over at Ipoh Thean Chun then got lost trying to get out of Ipoh to Cameron Highland . Needless to say the place was packed and it was peak hour coupled with a rainy day. Look at the food we had at Cameron.