The Last St Ronan Concert year 2009

Yay! Its concert time again. This year Brandon get to play the angklung, too bad he's in a big group that we couldn't see him play.

Actually the school should have one more solo performance , "MJ impersonation"

Other performances

Leftover weekends

Well found a bunch of our outings with Brandon and tried to compile them together.

In case you are wondering, why he kept saying "N", its for Neutral Gear so that the car wash machine can pull the car thru the machine.

Penang trip Part 4

Went to Penang on a 3 day holiday to Brandons fave hotel at Gurney Resort.
This time round went with Ah Ma n gang for a food holiday where we stuffed ourselves silly. Brandon was bored following us to all the historic houses of Peranakan house and Khoo Kongsi. He just wanted to play slides at the hotel and watch cartoon network whole day in an air-condition room.
Even though had been in Penang 3 times before but still dont know how to get around Georgetown. But this time round I have got a Garmin GPS so we can move around with no problems. So onwards to stuff ourselves silly for the next 3 days

Itinerary Day1
Move out from KL at 8am took the highway from Duta then exit Rawang to fill up gas. Then stopover at Tapah for an hour and continued my journey. Exited at Taiping then reached Parit Buntar for gas fill up, onwards to Bagan Prawn Village , Tambun for lunch at at 1pm +. After lunch onwards to the island using the ferry service at Butterworth, Deb was pissed becoz the trunk road was jammed. Reached the hotel and headed straight for the pool. Had dinner at New Lane then we went back to hotel and the rest of the gang went to Gurney Plaza to shop , stock up supplies.

Itinerary Day2
Had breakfast at Pulau Tikus Market then onwards to Peranakan Hse then onwards to Khoo Kongsi. It was a hot, hot, HOOOOO.....TTTT day. Lunch was at New World Park. Then went back to hotel for a rest. Then went to Batu Ferringhi beach then came back to town for dinner at Hot Wok Rest. Went back hotel but the others went to pack supper from New Lane.

Itinerary Day3
Had Bak Kut Teh breakfast at Song River. Then stopped by Him Heang to stock up some supplies then back to hotel. Brandon went to play at the pool for one last time before we had a late checked out by 2pm then head out for lunch at Nyonya Breeze and had some dessert at New World Plaza one last time before leaving using the ferry again. Stopped for gas at Prai then onwards to Tapah for a stopover arrived at 630pm for some Baskin Robbins. Left Tapah and reached home at 830pm, was really really tired and we had dinner/supper at BRJ. Came home and slept direct.