CNY 09

Well the new year came and past, I was particularly busy and Brandon enjoyed his stay at Ah Ma's house till he asked to come back to KL (had enough).
Chinese New Year celebration was celebrated in KL, Seremban , Muar , JB then all the way to Spore. Unfortunately I was back at work on Day3 of CNY. So most of the pictures were taken by Debbie and Brandon too.

This was the Muar celebration and you can see he's enjoying the bubble drink!

The famous Laksa Johor of Muar , Jln Sakeh Tmn Sri Intan, House of Tan

JB trip and visit to his friend Tristan

JB Crystal Crown that he loves to stay

Muar CNY we spent some time at a local fun fair where he took rides.

Back at home he'll bug me to play on my lap top.