December holidays

Well the holidays has arrived and we managed to bring Brandon to some of his favorite activities which is enjoying a holiday stay at the hotel. Managed to spend one nite at The Palace of the Golden Horses. Then did another major purchase which was a PSP that he has been asking for it for as long as 2 years ago. It was about 6 months ago , that his Gameboy died. So the mummy has generously bought him a PSP while we were at the Mines.

Then recently Debbie had a PWC Sports club sponsored Family Day event at Genting. All of us (Ah Ee, Sa Ee, Mummy, Yati(Mummy colleague) n Brandon) went up using our trusted Waja. We enjoyed the breakfast and lunch session at the Coffee Terrace and also the All Parks voucher. Brandon got to go to his fav place which is the Snow House but couldn't manage to build his snow house and snowman. Then came out had his Maggie Noodle in a cup to keep himself warm. We visited Motion Master 4D where we saw a movie about Dinosaurs. Brandon was scared silly as the 3d effect was so real and so loud that he kept his eyes and ears closed most of the time.

And then finally the 3 sisters went on a Treasure Hunt that they won 1st prize of RM1,500 that they spilt among themselves only. Well afterwards had a few more rides at the Outdoor Parks before leaving home about 5pm. Reached home about 6plus then everyone was tired and collapsed till next day skipping dinner.