December celebration

Finally, Brandon could spend some time with his favorite cousin and best friend Tristan since they are of the same age. We traveled down to JB for the Xmas holiday with the JB gang. First we had makan party at Kim Teng park. The next day went over to Spore to shop awhile at Causeway Point. Then had another party at Betty's new house warming cum Xmas party. Lastly was the family event at Tristan's house. This was more fun as we had a singing session and the boys were performing using their guitar. On the last day supposed to leave but had a scare as Ah Ma had an UTI infection , so had to be admitted for 1 day and we had to stay over at the the hotel 1 more day before going back to Muar then back to KL for Brandon's school day.

On 31 Dec Brandon had his first day of orientation at his new school Chong Hwa which we can see his class right opposite our room. (hee... hee.. which we can spy on him if we want to see what he's doing.)At first when he awoke to wash up he complained that he was scared as his new school has to use Chinese to converse. Sobbing in between he says "But I cannot speak Chinese". Had to reassure him as he was supposed to get used to it since he has been staying with Hui Mee for so long speaking Mandarin. Then he started his antics complaining of stomach pains. So we walked him to the school and had to endure the super kiasu headmaster walking thru the requirements of the day of filling up the forms, paying up, collecting the text books etc.

Look at his sorry face and bulging tummy.