2010 Xmas

How did we spend our Xmas this year? Nothing ! , Boring !!!...... Debbie had to mark papers so we had to skip JB celebration. I had to take care of the terrible twos. So as a treat we went for dinner at KLCC Chilli's , steak so nice and juicy. Brandon walloped 2 portion of kids meal ( including Lucas portion). Oh yeah Lucas had another house-call haircut. Have you noticed Lucas eyes is one big one small, dats normal! If its both double eye lid, means he's sick.

Dec 2010 Holidays

Well after the long holidays at Ah Ma's house, Brandon and Lucas finally comes back to stay in KL. And for the first few days they get to enjoy their time in Taska. Surprisingly Brandon enjoyed his brief stay there, due to his noisy and playful nature, the caretakers there likes to tease him as well. Then we went for a 1 night stay at PGH Hotel and shopped at the Mines. I must say there has been a great improvement compare to the past and there's even a water feature on the top floor. Well we went there in the morning decided to have brunch there , what else but Sushi King ( Brandons fav) So after a heavy meal decided to walk around the Mall. I still remember what Brandon mention the activities he wanted to do during the holidays
1) Stay in hotel (check but actually he wanted Gurney hotel, but we said here also got slide ma.. , he said reluctantly OK!.....phew.!! )
2) Hello kitty (Actually karaoke la... checked)
3) Genting highland( tis one Ah Ma will bring)
4) Sunway dagoon( Sunway Lagoon tis one coming soon)
Aiyo after the heavy meal , Brandon vomitted , wasted my money. Never mind la must be ate too late and too much in the morning. After vomit he felt better and went to play at the Splash Park.

A few days later Debbie had bought tickets for the Sports club family day at Sunway Lagoon. Well got lost in Sunway Pyramid parking lot while trying to get to the Water Park and had a big hoohaa. Finally got there, and Brandon was so excited , unfortunately didn't get to take any pictures there, just trying to keep an eye on Brandon. The weather was quite gloomy but the UV ray was quite strong my lens turned dark and after wards when I got back home I was burnt... sunburn la. Went there had breakfast, walked around the wildlife park , then had some rides at the amusement park finally the water park. Brandon was whinning all the time about going to the water park, finally got there and spent hours there. When we got home everyone was so tired everyone slept early including Lucas.

Ho Chi Minh trip@Lao Sai Trip

Must be wondering why the title. It started sometime back Lucas had some virus attack that made him puke and diarrhea. By the time he got well , I was already having the same symptoms the weekend before the trip. Only managed to recover at the end of the trip. Whereas Brandon and Debbie had the symptoms on the 1st day of the trip. So all of the Pang family were quite tired from the purging process.
On the 1st day managed to get on the plane on time , actually was waiting at the boarding gate when other people from another flight was crowding the entrance. So we thought might as well wait instead of standing in line. Until we were getting called from the announcer to board the plane, Paiseh la...How was I supposed to know the crowd was from another flight? Once on the plane, Lucas slept and we didnt eat the airline food as well. Scared go toilet la, so wasted right? Anyway it wasn't long till Brandon complained with the usual remark, "Are we there yet?" Once arrived was quite impressed with the new airport Tan Son Nhat International Airport and the efficiency of the bags services. Once there got an aurport taxi from Vinasun costs about USD8. But got cheated by the driver to pay extra for VND50,000 toll ticket.Reached the Hotel Tan Hai Long which just next to Ben Thanh Market. Checked and rested awhile before going out nearby to have some kuewtiao soup a.k.a. Pho in Vietnam at Pho2000. Quite pricey but don't want to risk more purgings had some nice sapodilla a.k.a. ciku drink. Bought some drinks and waited in the hotel room for the rest of the gang flying in from Singapore. By the time they arrived we were all too comfortable in the rooms to leave the room and it was drizzling outside so decided to stay put till dinner time. So 1st night we went to Nha Hang Ngon, actually wanted to go to Quan An Ngon so what the heck since we were there just eat la. It was quite a busy night, as we had to wait for tables to be cleared before we could sit. Had a few rounds of drinks and the bill comes up to VND1.3million??? Wow I feel like a billionaire can eat until million million.

2nd day book ourselves to a city tour and had a van all by ourselves. Breakfast at the hotel was good and they change the menus often. Firstly managed to go to the Reunification / Independence Palace. Spent sometime over there then onwards towards Notre Dame Cathedral and General Post Office which is just a stone throw away. Then passed by the Opera House and at this point we were trying to buy a coconut drink from the hawker and got confused by the drivers half baked Mandarin in the end forced to buy 3 instead of the intended 1 cocnut drink for Ah Kung. Right after the turning at Opera House the driver had a minor accident with another car took some time for him to settle by paying the driver then we moved on to the War Museum but it was closed as it was 12. usually 12 noon till 130 is their lunch time. So we went for lunch at a nearby restaurant just beside Ben Thanh Market.  Lunch bill was half a million VND . Then waited awhile for the driver to come. In between had staked out a Hue restaurant Nha Hong Mon Hue. In between the visits Lucas had quite a few Ang Mo Aunties requesting to take photo of him. Then went to the War Museum and afterwards to Chinatown aka Cho Lon. The driver is new I think at a few point in time he was asking for directions to Binh Tay Market so luckily I downloaded my Nokia maps just in case and guided him towards it. And later after he parked the rest of the gang went to have a look but I stayed behind in the car. Then the traffic police came and the driver to bribe them and it seemed he failed and he got a summon instead. Aiyo so suey la, dont know whether it was him or us that was having bad luck. Later the drive back was far and the traffic was bad. Finally reached the hotel and I told Brandon and Debbie to go out instead since they stayed behind the whole day in the room so I took care of Lucas and they went out to the Water Puppet show then to the Hue restaurant for dinner. After their dinner they tahpau some back for my dinner.

3rd day was a full day tour for all of us including Debbie and Brandon to the Cao Dai Temple and the Chu Chi Tunnels. Again some Ang Mo auntie requested to take pic of Lucas. Lunch was after the temple visit. We went in at noon to watch the noon ceremony.  It was interesting and a long trip out of HCM. Came back for dinner at SH Garden.

4th day trip back to KL and managed to do some last minute shopping last night and at Ben Thanh market.Reached home and slept till next morning so tired.

Batu Caves Challenge

Ever since we bought the Koko and May story book that featured a trip to Batu Caves we were hounded by Brandon to bring him for a visit. Had been delaying for so long we thought why not just bring him there this Sat morning since its just a 15 min drive there for our house. On the way there I noticed they had diverted the traffic so that people are not supposed to make a U turn to turn in to the entrance. And the directions to the entrance was abit of a hassle as well. Missed the turn and made another try at this time Brandon was already complaining and we joked with him that we were going home instead since we already caught a glimpse of it. Then he started to cry......Next try finally made the turn and it a winding turn in order to get in. Almost missed the entrance payment as again , no signs until I saw a mans hand  waving a ticket to me. Sigh... pay $3 then only get to park.

Made the climb all the way up. Mum got to practise using the sling.Got to the top and the view was amazing with the sky lights in the cave and all sorts of people were clamouring around to worship the deities. Then got down again, had a bit of  rest near the fish pond. Then onwards to Pan Heong to have our brunch with porridge, mee goreng, then Brandon ate his fav food R,E,FF and SS. Finished then passed by Giant to buy some groceries before returning home to rest.

My toes taste so nice

It was a long weekend with Deepavali so we just spent the early morning lazing around the bed. I was cleaning up the house since the maid wasn't coming and had to entertain both sons so I can do my work.

Brandons 7th Birthday

It was sort of last minute, Brandon requested to have a birthday party last Monday and it has been quite sometime since he had a party with his friends. So this time round we invited his classmates and friends around the condo.He was quite excited that he went to round up his friends to come to our house for the party. We decorated a bit using blown up balloons which we later distributed to the children. We had KFC, Pizza, roast chicken and drinks. The children were playing Monopoly, Topple,Monkey Tumble games etc together. While the older kids were playing Internet games. Finally had Banana Choc cake from Secret Recipe which we later distributed to all the kids. Phew!! Finally everything was settled and cleaned up by 9.30pm

As for Lucas we finally brought him home after Debbie came back from HCM, VN trip. But we found rashes all over his body, it seems that he had a reaction to the antibiotics after his bout of fever. So we brought him to see our usual paediatrician whom advised that we stop giving it to him. It took awhile and I had to take leave for 1 day just to keep him at home as the Taska were afraid to take him in for fear of measles contamination to the other kids. I think now he's back to his cheerful self but his appetite is not as good as last time.

Brandon has it too

After Lucas caught it from Koko, now its Koko's turn. Both of them got rescued by Ah Ma flew down from Muar. Lucas is ok now. So is Koko, the rascal had the cheek to say ," Im so lucky hoh! no school!, Hah! when all the homework come back, baru dia tau! Esp the Final term exam is coming on 18 Oct. So no more outings or TV till finish his exam. Their mummy took one day leave to take care of them, so wuliao made a collage of Lucas.
He doesnt look sick!
Brandon however, days later got it bad, till he skipped meals due to mouth and throat ulcer.
He had rashes all over the hands , feet, mouth and backside too. Just visited Jackson today, he also has spots too but he was quite active didn't look sick at all.

Lucas has HFMD

Yup doctor confirmed it today after 3 visits and $200. Initially had rashes and fever but the fever is gone now. He's resting now , abit weak. Taska rejected him so I have to take leave to take care of him. Doctor says needs at least one week to recover. Jialat! how to work like dat!. In the meantime he's waking up every now and asking for attention and his sleeping habits is like tidur tidur ayam very short naps.

Look out! for the baby elephant snoring, turn up the volume in case you can't hear

Operation haircut

Recently Lucas had his haircut but is still quite long. So he had another haircut last night. The operation required 5 persons. One to cut, one to hold, one to supervise, one to sweep away the hair with a toothbrush and last one to suffer by crying. Wah......

One nite at home

On a typical nite at home at Pangs residence, some people laze in front of the TV but we take care of 2 babies.

Baby 1 is always munching and multitasking. Eyes alternating between comics and TV, 1 hand apple another hand Mamee, only other free parts are the legs but sometimes 1 leg on Dad and 1 leg on Mum, very irritating.

Baby2 very kaypo wanna grow up fast , wanna stand before learning to crawl, wanna hold bottle, wanna play saliva, wanna make bubbles and complain complain.

Lazy afternoon on Sept10

Well Brandon's exam is fast approaching but he's in no hurry. He has found 1001 excuses not to study like thirsty, hungry, reading story books, pangsai, bath, swimming, tired etc.

Where as Lucas is fast growing up as I had him put to the walker so he can keep himself occupied without bothering us for a while.

Mid Autumn a.k.a. Moon Cake Festival-Kids play

The Aunties invited all the children to gather at the BBQ pit near the pool to celebrate the moon cake festival. It rained in the evening and were disappointed that the clouds hid the moon. A bit of an anti climax since it was supposed to be the brightest moon light of the year. Brandon enjoyed himself by screaming and lighting up as many candles as he wanted. If you had noticed Brandon already had his 2nd tooth taken out the day before as I took him to see the dentist near my office. He cried even when the doctor was talking to him. Dr Yeo was very nice and patient with him.The damage : $50 not too bad and he got a teeth and a blown up hand glove as a souvenir.

Merdeka 2010

Another day to compensate the lousy outing that Brandon didn't like. So we brought him to Berjaya Time Square Cosmos Fun Park. Luckily there was some discount using my Popular Privilege Card so I could save some money to pay for lunch. We promised it would be a fun day for him , unfortunately he could only ride the level 7 rides for kids. You can see from his face how scared he was of fun rides, so skipped the roller coaster rides. Lucas also joined in the fun but I doubt he understands what's going on. Looks like Brandon enjoyed the bumper car ride the most. Later lunch was at Sushi King as he wanted to eat sushi the day before. Well after that we were all so tired and went home to take a rest.

Brandon's first tooth

Finally after many days of loose tooth it finally came out, he refused to let us touch it. So it came out while he was sleeping.

Day trip to Sepang

Well I saw in a news paper article that was talking about a new development at Bagan Lalang called Sepang Gold Coast and it got me curious what else is there and found that there were lots of people that talked about the sights and makan over there. So being the cheapo Dad that can ill afford the trip to elsewhere, so I suggested a day trip there.

In case, you are wondering why Lucas is tied up.It's to help him to calm down and sleep peacefully. Anyway nowadays we don't tie him anymore and he sucks his finger instead of a pacifier.

Did some research on the net before planning the trip; references includes :-Miss Pipo , Miss RachelCookie MomsterDexxyParent WonderCheryn, Terry Tsang, etc. I even planned to follow one of the bloggers plan to eat the Kai Wo Pau which is actually a lo mai kai wrapped in a pau bun which Ah Ma commented it was so.. nice, so I said to Debbie, lets try it since it was on the way. It was at a restaurant in Sri Petaling(Restoran Clan). References include :- Ipoh Mali,  SaiMatKong, etc.
So we started abt 8+ from home, pumped some gas and had our breakfast at the dim sum restaurant , managed to find a parking spot right beside it. Had a full breakfast, the dish was ok, ok only la. If you notice I didnt take much of photos as I was carrying Lucas and Debbie wasn't into taking photos as well. So I guess you guys just have to believe me that I was there. Anyway there are tonnes of photos taken by other bloggers stated in the reference.
Planned a route that took care of the makan, sights and gas as well.

After breakfast took the Putrajaya-KLIA highway and exited from the Sepang F1 race track that joined to the trunk road to Tanjung Sepat. In case you are worried , just need to follow the Sepang Gold Coast signboard that would be available most of the time. So along the journey, as usual Brandon would ask, Dad? How long to reach? My answer ? Half the time to Mama house(Muar). Brandon: uhh? So far!!. I didn't get much info on the exact location of the dragon fruit farm except for the name Multi-Rich Pitaya Farm. So after Sepang town just slow down till you see the signboard. Finally found it and saw that they were quite familiar with visitors and had a tour bus parked right outside. They also longan, passion fruit grown here apart from dragon fruit. Saw a poor monkey locked up in cage as well. They had quite a few selection of products like Dragon Fruit wine and enzymes etc... We tried the dragon fruit icicles , they also had dragon fruit/passion fruit ice blend as well. In case you are wondering is there other dragon fruit farm around. The answer is yes, there are lots of them all along the main road, so don't worry if you couldn't find this one, there are many others along the road to Tanjung Sepat. Bought some dragon fruits to give away and keep some for ourselves.

Next stop was the Ganofarm as I also dont know where the rest of the other sights are located exactly but Ganofarm was in my GPS. Silly me I already printed the map but dont know where I left it. Seriously we wanted to stay overnight at the Ganofarm but couldn't get a booking since we changed dates. Anything to see over there? Got la abit nothing much but did a bit of shopping as well. Quite an extensive range of fresh mushroom. Went in deeper inside the farm ,saw they were actually building some restaurant/cafe along the beach, so took some pictures. From a distance we could see the jetty which they called "Lovers Bridge". Aiyah I think its becoz the locals like to pak to over there la.

Next stop was Hai Yew Hin Pau shop. They originally started from the shop opposite. Later when more tourist comes , I think they expanded had a mini factory across the street. Luckily today was off peak season( Hungry Ghost and Puasa) so managed to buy a few to keep for breakfast. Quite nice tho, personally I think their pau is more old fashion (natural ingredients) so has a rough texture compared to the normal pau we eat very white, smooth and sweet. If you notice their pau has their brand advertisement pasted on the pau paper on the bottom.

Afterward Brandon was already so bored and he kept asking for the iPhone to play with. And he kept complaining hot, tired, thirsty , hungry etc. But we had make 2 stops 1 for the Kerepek factory called Arowana and another was for the fish ball factory just behind the Pasar Awam. We only stopped awhile at the fish ball factory , actually only Debbie got down but it wasn't convenient to buy it since it was made fresh and hard to keep it fresh later as we didn't bring ice box to keep it cool. So went over to the Kerepek factory , another disappointment as I think we just walked in but there wasn't a tour around the factory making process available. The place is quite a distance from the main road. So bought some kerepek before leaving for lunch. And it was back to the beach area, and settled for Restoran Hong Seng.

Read from another blogger talked about lack of makan places. When we reached we thought : On holiday ka? So empty one? Anyway tired and thirsty we ordered but the dishes came later. Saw the tour bus from the dragon farm, kerepek factory and now the same restaurant that we were at. And then their dishes came first , aiyah! I thought : bad choice la should have chosen another place. When the dishes came ,it was ok but the portions were for like 6-8 person but there were only 2 ad half of us eating. So we just finished the rest of the steam crabs and tahpau the rest for tomorrows dinner la. Price total 80+ ok la

Finally after lunch about 2pm so hot , worried that the rest of the mushroom and dragon fruit would be spoiled under the hot sun. Never mind last stop Sepang Gold Coast. Got there alright I thought it was quite close to the main road but in reality had to go through some twist and turn to reach it. Finally got there but was given the run around as I suspect a lot of people would park near the hotel. So had to park some distance away. When we reached the beach I took Brandon along for a walk along the beach . It was low tide so it was quite some distance to reach the water. In between the muddy shore my slippers got stuck , in the end was spoilt so had to drag it back to shore. Debbie was waiting for us back at the beach. Was tired and sweaty so bought some ice cream to cool off and afterwards the long ride home. Later got a phone call from Aunt Kim Chee who wanted a ride back to the train station from Mines, so had to pack the baby car seat when I was pumping gas on the way back at PSS KLIA-LCCT. Then sent Mum back to Ah Bee's place before leaving back home. In the end to cheer Brandon from this boring trip, took him to the swimming pool to cool off. That's all folks!

Mines hotel holiday

Spent some time at the Mines Spa Resort, so that Brandon can get his fix. He just loves staying at the hotel, Lucas just tagged along with us. There was a convention at the time and I almost didn't get a place to park at the hotel. This time round we couldn't get connecting rooms. The Mines shopping center has improved there were lots of shops to linger around. Didn't spend much , just had some meals , of course Brandon gets to choose all his favorite food like Pizza Hut, Sushi King etc.

Saliva Factory

Lucas is down but cheerful

We have just started to send Lucas to Taska day care at my workplace. Its cheap and good , convenient as well, so no complaints. But then due to so many diseases and children around he caught the fever and sniffles in the 1st week. Later in the week he caught his cough from his mama. Aiyoh so messy to clean up after the vomit. And Brandon is playing his koko role "trying" to help but not doing much, aiyah wat do u expect from a 7 year old. During that time Mummy has had her dream sofa shopping then booked and delivered. In between had to think of how to get rid of the existing sofa, so we got to know of a charity org Xim Phou Moon. Luckily they came an hour before then an hour after she got her new sofa.

This one was caught when he's asking for milk.

This was when he was being restless so had to entertain him while he enjoyed himself laughing

May trip to JB

This was Lucas first long distance trip. Had serviced my car early in the morning before moving out after lunch at Sky Food Court. The gas system was not working after servicing so had to use petrol on the way back(sigh... lose money). Debbie said it was becoz I stick the NGV label after 2 years of using the NGV system without the label, Nonsense la ......

Then onward to Muar but traffic was bad from Bangi to Seremban. Was feeling very sleepy midway then let Doreen takeover at a rest stop and bought some snacks, then the whole Pang clan went into coma Zzz....... Brandon commented why we switched drivers and said I was lazy... Kanasai!
Reached Muar around 4 o'clock. Had some more Zzzz.... while the others went to Parit Jawa to stock up on seafood supplies. Ah Ma cooked dinner(Yummy!!) then we went to order new LCD TV to replace the one struck by lightning. The model was narrowed down by Doreen Panasonic VIERA 42 "LCD HDTV. I was poorer after contributing to the TV fund. Later went to Wetex to buy some groceries and I bought Brandon some revision book for Bahasa Melayu to brush up his knowledge. Needless to say, Brandon hated it as it meant more homework for him. Hmmpph.... says Brandon.

The next morning, woke up, had breakfast(chuey kueh and rice ball chicken rice) then set off for JB. Started the engine (hee.hi... NGV working again) then reached Tampoi station to fill up on gas before proceeding to Kim Teng Park. Had a good hearty lunch and saw the rest of the JB gang. It was also the first time that Lucas made an appearance for the JB gang and Tua Ee. This trip was actually to celebrate Trisha, Tristan and their Ah Kungs birthdays. Had some cakes before checking in Crystal Crown. Brandon was happy to stay at the hotel again becoz got air-cond or "cold" as he said when he invited Kuan Yew. This time round checked in late so we couldn't get connecting rooms, they had recently renovated the room. It was much brighter and cleaner, best thing they had done was to remove the smelly carpets. When dinner came, we went to Restoran Wah Yew (Jln Perang, Tmn Pelangi same row as Restoran Ah Kaw)for some Teo Chew dishes. It was good but filling by the 3rd dishes we felt abit full , luckily the subsequent dishes were light so we were able to stuff more food into our faces. Finished abt 1030pm then back to the hotel.

The next day had some breakfast at the hotel but Debbie and Daphne skipped as we didn't have enough vouchers. Came back to Muar by 2pm, it was drizzling and had some heavy rain on the way back from JB to Muar. Doreen tahpau some satay and char siew rice for lunch. Had some makan then Zzz... again. Brandon was entertaining himself with Astro 613, 616 and the computer at Muar or with Tristan while at JB. Made our way back to KL by 530pm and I pumped gas at Ayer Keroh. On the way back, had to endure a crawl for nearly an hour for a distance of 10km doing less than 10km/h becoz of an accident. Got to Senawang by 805pm, exited and went straight to Seremban Baked Crabs to have dinner. Was quite expensive had 1.5kg @$48/kg then $52 for prawns , once done @930 moved out from Seremban back to KL using the Lekas->Silk highway. A very smooth drive with not much traffic , reached KL at 1030pm. Phew... !what a long drive. Next morning all of us had tummy ache after last nites dinner.

Lucas 6 weeks old

Not much has happened for the past 6 weeks. Lucas is getting his shots, Brandon is getting more affectionate with his brother. Didnt celebrate Lucas full month celebration just bought some package from 2 vendors Uniq (Halal)and Delight(Pork free) then distributed to friends and family. Nowadays trying to enjoy the late nite feeds and also the constant whining, so we will just take every free moment to nap. Now beginning to see eye lashes and eye brows on Lucas. Brandon on the other hand just finished his first term exam not bad even got 100/98 for his Science in Chinese/English but still failed in Bahasa Melayu (38/58) , Chinese(91/80),Math in Chinese(80/88) Eng Language(94/94) , Chinese Language(85/86)Phys Ed.Chinese (56) Art (C) . I am getting pressured by aunties all over the school to enrol him for tuition classes, Aiya.. poor thing la everyday come back from school at 4 pm still want to torture him meh! I still remember last time we all study in Year One where got so much pressure one? these days so much expectation everything also want 100%.

April babies

Originally there were 3 ladies sharing April birthdays namely Mummy, Doreen n Debbie. Now there's the addition of baby Lucas. So we had some nice Tiramisu cake from Suchan. Yummy... and a small celebration at home. The next day, Karen n Alicia came to visit as well as to celebrate their birthdays.

Let me out

Change Signboard

Aiyah, I never expected one leh, now Im already lazy to maintain another blog so I might as well change the name then I can combine 2 in 1. After all it would be funny if I update one site and not the other.

Well here are some photos to keep everyone posted what happened these few weeks.

And baby makes four

Well a big event happened on April. The latest addition to the family. Lucas Pang Xian Xun (彭顯迅). Actually was a bit afraid becoz Brandon had contracted chicken pox 10 days before that he had to be quarantined sent back to Muar but he was more than happy as he could skip school. Sadly had to be back after 9 days but he was welcomed by his new little bro Lucas.

Tadika St Ronan Graduation

Can you guess which one is him?

It has been a long time that I have delayed this update. Its mainly due to the horrible picture that the cameraman did on Brandon. You look for yourself, Does he have a constipated look?

CNY 2010 Tiger Year

Had such a long holiday that we went from Kl to Seremban to Muar and JB then back to Muar and KL after 1 week of traveling everyone was tired.

Jan day out

We didnt spend much time together becoz of Brandons school , me travelling as well. But we managed to squeeze some R&R.