May trip to JB

This was Lucas first long distance trip. Had serviced my car early in the morning before moving out after lunch at Sky Food Court. The gas system was not working after servicing so had to use petrol on the way back(sigh... lose money). Debbie said it was becoz I stick the NGV label after 2 years of using the NGV system without the label, Nonsense la ......

Then onward to Muar but traffic was bad from Bangi to Seremban. Was feeling very sleepy midway then let Doreen takeover at a rest stop and bought some snacks, then the whole Pang clan went into coma Zzz....... Brandon commented why we switched drivers and said I was lazy... Kanasai!
Reached Muar around 4 o'clock. Had some more Zzzz.... while the others went to Parit Jawa to stock up on seafood supplies. Ah Ma cooked dinner(Yummy!!) then we went to order new LCD TV to replace the one struck by lightning. The model was narrowed down by Doreen Panasonic VIERA 42 "LCD HDTV. I was poorer after contributing to the TV fund. Later went to Wetex to buy some groceries and I bought Brandon some revision book for Bahasa Melayu to brush up his knowledge. Needless to say, Brandon hated it as it meant more homework for him. Hmmpph.... says Brandon.

The next morning, woke up, had breakfast(chuey kueh and rice ball chicken rice) then set off for JB. Started the engine (hee.hi... NGV working again) then reached Tampoi station to fill up on gas before proceeding to Kim Teng Park. Had a good hearty lunch and saw the rest of the JB gang. It was also the first time that Lucas made an appearance for the JB gang and Tua Ee. This trip was actually to celebrate Trisha, Tristan and their Ah Kungs birthdays. Had some cakes before checking in Crystal Crown. Brandon was happy to stay at the hotel again becoz got air-cond or "cold" as he said when he invited Kuan Yew. This time round checked in late so we couldn't get connecting rooms, they had recently renovated the room. It was much brighter and cleaner, best thing they had done was to remove the smelly carpets. When dinner came, we went to Restoran Wah Yew (Jln Perang, Tmn Pelangi same row as Restoran Ah Kaw)for some Teo Chew dishes. It was good but filling by the 3rd dishes we felt abit full , luckily the subsequent dishes were light so we were able to stuff more food into our faces. Finished abt 1030pm then back to the hotel.

The next day had some breakfast at the hotel but Debbie and Daphne skipped as we didn't have enough vouchers. Came back to Muar by 2pm, it was drizzling and had some heavy rain on the way back from JB to Muar. Doreen tahpau some satay and char siew rice for lunch. Had some makan then Zzz... again. Brandon was entertaining himself with Astro 613, 616 and the computer at Muar or with Tristan while at JB. Made our way back to KL by 530pm and I pumped gas at Ayer Keroh. On the way back, had to endure a crawl for nearly an hour for a distance of 10km doing less than 10km/h becoz of an accident. Got to Senawang by 805pm, exited and went straight to Seremban Baked Crabs to have dinner. Was quite expensive had 1.5kg @$48/kg then $52 for prawns , once done @930 moved out from Seremban back to KL using the Lekas->Silk highway. A very smooth drive with not much traffic , reached KL at 1030pm. Phew... !what a long drive. Next morning all of us had tummy ache after last nites dinner.

Lucas 6 weeks old

Not much has happened for the past 6 weeks. Lucas is getting his shots, Brandon is getting more affectionate with his brother. Didnt celebrate Lucas full month celebration just bought some package from 2 vendors Uniq (Halal)and Delight(Pork free) then distributed to friends and family. Nowadays trying to enjoy the late nite feeds and also the constant whining, so we will just take every free moment to nap. Now beginning to see eye lashes and eye brows on Lucas. Brandon on the other hand just finished his first term exam not bad even got 100/98 for his Science in Chinese/English but still failed in Bahasa Melayu (38/58) , Chinese(91/80),Math in Chinese(80/88) Eng Language(94/94) , Chinese Language(85/86)Phys Ed.Chinese (56) Art (C) . I am getting pressured by aunties all over the school to enrol him for tuition classes, Aiya.. poor thing la everyday come back from school at 4 pm still want to torture him meh! I still remember last time we all study in Year One where got so much pressure one? these days so much expectation everything also want 100%.