One nite at home

On a typical nite at home at Pangs residence, some people laze in front of the TV but we take care of 2 babies.

Baby 1 is always munching and multitasking. Eyes alternating between comics and TV, 1 hand apple another hand Mamee, only other free parts are the legs but sometimes 1 leg on Dad and 1 leg on Mum, very irritating.

Baby2 very kaypo wanna grow up fast , wanna stand before learning to crawl, wanna hold bottle, wanna play saliva, wanna make bubbles and complain complain.

Lazy afternoon on Sept10

Well Brandon's exam is fast approaching but he's in no hurry. He has found 1001 excuses not to study like thirsty, hungry, reading story books, pangsai, bath, swimming, tired etc.

Where as Lucas is fast growing up as I had him put to the walker so he can keep himself occupied without bothering us for a while.

Mid Autumn a.k.a. Moon Cake Festival-Kids play

The Aunties invited all the children to gather at the BBQ pit near the pool to celebrate the moon cake festival. It rained in the evening and were disappointed that the clouds hid the moon. A bit of an anti climax since it was supposed to be the brightest moon light of the year. Brandon enjoyed himself by screaming and lighting up as many candles as he wanted. If you had noticed Brandon already had his 2nd tooth taken out the day before as I took him to see the dentist near my office. He cried even when the doctor was talking to him. Dr Yeo was very nice and patient with him.The damage : $50 not too bad and he got a teeth and a blown up hand glove as a souvenir.

Merdeka 2010

Another day to compensate the lousy outing that Brandon didn't like. So we brought him to Berjaya Time Square Cosmos Fun Park. Luckily there was some discount using my Popular Privilege Card so I could save some money to pay for lunch. We promised it would be a fun day for him , unfortunately he could only ride the level 7 rides for kids. You can see from his face how scared he was of fun rides, so skipped the roller coaster rides. Lucas also joined in the fun but I doubt he understands what's going on. Looks like Brandon enjoyed the bumper car ride the most. Later lunch was at Sushi King as he wanted to eat sushi the day before. Well after that we were all so tired and went home to take a rest.