Brandon has it too

After Lucas caught it from Koko, now its Koko's turn. Both of them got rescued by Ah Ma flew down from Muar. Lucas is ok now. So is Koko, the rascal had the cheek to say ," Im so lucky hoh! no school!, Hah! when all the homework come back, baru dia tau! Esp the Final term exam is coming on 18 Oct. So no more outings or TV till finish his exam. Their mummy took one day leave to take care of them, so wuliao made a collage of Lucas.
He doesnt look sick!
Brandon however, days later got it bad, till he skipped meals due to mouth and throat ulcer.
He had rashes all over the hands , feet, mouth and backside too. Just visited Jackson today, he also has spots too but he was quite active didn't look sick at all.

Lucas has HFMD

Yup doctor confirmed it today after 3 visits and $200. Initially had rashes and fever but the fever is gone now. He's resting now , abit weak. Taska rejected him so I have to take leave to take care of him. Doctor says needs at least one week to recover. Jialat! how to work like dat!. In the meantime he's waking up every now and asking for attention and his sleeping habits is like tidur tidur ayam very short naps.

Look out! for the baby elephant snoring, turn up the volume in case you can't hear

Operation haircut

Recently Lucas had his haircut but is still quite long. So he had another haircut last night. The operation required 5 persons. One to cut, one to hold, one to supervise, one to sweep away the hair with a toothbrush and last one to suffer by crying. Wah......