Ho Chi Minh trip@Lao Sai Trip

Must be wondering why the title. It started sometime back Lucas had some virus attack that made him puke and diarrhea. By the time he got well , I was already having the same symptoms the weekend before the trip. Only managed to recover at the end of the trip. Whereas Brandon and Debbie had the symptoms on the 1st day of the trip. So all of the Pang family were quite tired from the purging process.
On the 1st day managed to get on the plane on time , actually was waiting at the boarding gate when other people from another flight was crowding the entrance. So we thought might as well wait instead of standing in line. Until we were getting called from the announcer to board the plane, Paiseh la...How was I supposed to know the crowd was from another flight? Once on the plane, Lucas slept and we didnt eat the airline food as well. Scared go toilet la, so wasted right? Anyway it wasn't long till Brandon complained with the usual remark, "Are we there yet?" Once arrived was quite impressed with the new airport Tan Son Nhat International Airport and the efficiency of the bags services. Once there got an aurport taxi from Vinasun costs about USD8. But got cheated by the driver to pay extra for VND50,000 toll ticket.Reached the Hotel Tan Hai Long which just next to Ben Thanh Market. Checked and rested awhile before going out nearby to have some kuewtiao soup a.k.a. Pho in Vietnam at Pho2000. Quite pricey but don't want to risk more purgings had some nice sapodilla a.k.a. ciku drink. Bought some drinks and waited in the hotel room for the rest of the gang flying in from Singapore. By the time they arrived we were all too comfortable in the rooms to leave the room and it was drizzling outside so decided to stay put till dinner time. So 1st night we went to Nha Hang Ngon, actually wanted to go to Quan An Ngon so what the heck since we were there just eat la. It was quite a busy night, as we had to wait for tables to be cleared before we could sit. Had a few rounds of drinks and the bill comes up to VND1.3million??? Wow I feel like a billionaire can eat until million million.

2nd day book ourselves to a city tour and had a van all by ourselves. Breakfast at the hotel was good and they change the menus often. Firstly managed to go to the Reunification / Independence Palace. Spent sometime over there then onwards towards Notre Dame Cathedral and General Post Office which is just a stone throw away. Then passed by the Opera House and at this point we were trying to buy a coconut drink from the hawker and got confused by the drivers half baked Mandarin in the end forced to buy 3 instead of the intended 1 cocnut drink for Ah Kung. Right after the turning at Opera House the driver had a minor accident with another car took some time for him to settle by paying the driver then we moved on to the War Museum but it was closed as it was 12. usually 12 noon till 130 is their lunch time. So we went for lunch at a nearby restaurant just beside Ben Thanh Market.  Lunch bill was half a million VND . Then waited awhile for the driver to come. In between had staked out a Hue restaurant Nha Hong Mon Hue. In between the visits Lucas had quite a few Ang Mo Aunties requesting to take photo of him. Then went to the War Museum and afterwards to Chinatown aka Cho Lon. The driver is new I think at a few point in time he was asking for directions to Binh Tay Market so luckily I downloaded my Nokia maps just in case and guided him towards it. And later after he parked the rest of the gang went to have a look but I stayed behind in the car. Then the traffic police came and the driver to bribe them and it seemed he failed and he got a summon instead. Aiyo so suey la, dont know whether it was him or us that was having bad luck. Later the drive back was far and the traffic was bad. Finally reached the hotel and I told Brandon and Debbie to go out instead since they stayed behind the whole day in the room so I took care of Lucas and they went out to the Water Puppet show then to the Hue restaurant for dinner. After their dinner they tahpau some back for my dinner.

3rd day was a full day tour for all of us including Debbie and Brandon to the Cao Dai Temple and the Chu Chi Tunnels. Again some Ang Mo auntie requested to take pic of Lucas. Lunch was after the temple visit. We went in at noon to watch the noon ceremony.  It was interesting and a long trip out of HCM. Came back for dinner at SH Garden.

4th day trip back to KL and managed to do some last minute shopping last night and at Ben Thanh market.Reached home and slept till next morning so tired.

Batu Caves Challenge

Ever since we bought the Koko and May story book that featured a trip to Batu Caves we were hounded by Brandon to bring him for a visit. Had been delaying for so long we thought why not just bring him there this Sat morning since its just a 15 min drive there for our house. On the way there I noticed they had diverted the traffic so that people are not supposed to make a U turn to turn in to the entrance. And the directions to the entrance was abit of a hassle as well. Missed the turn and made another try at this time Brandon was already complaining and we joked with him that we were going home instead since we already caught a glimpse of it. Then he started to cry......Next try finally made the turn and it a winding turn in order to get in. Almost missed the entrance payment as again , no signs until I saw a mans hand  waving a ticket to me. Sigh... pay $3 then only get to park.

Made the climb all the way up. Mum got to practise using the sling.Got to the top and the view was amazing with the sky lights in the cave and all sorts of people were clamouring around to worship the deities. Then got down again, had a bit of  rest near the fish pond. Then onwards to Pan Heong to have our brunch with porridge, mee goreng, then Brandon ate his fav food R,E,FF and SS. Finished then passed by Giant to buy some groceries before returning home to rest.

My toes taste so nice

It was a long weekend with Deepavali so we just spent the early morning lazing around the bed. I was cleaning up the house since the maid wasn't coming and had to entertain both sons so I can do my work.

Brandons 7th Birthday

It was sort of last minute, Brandon requested to have a birthday party last Monday and it has been quite sometime since he had a party with his friends. So this time round we invited his classmates and friends around the condo.He was quite excited that he went to round up his friends to come to our house for the party. We decorated a bit using blown up balloons which we later distributed to the children. We had KFC, Pizza, roast chicken and drinks. The children were playing Monopoly, Topple,Monkey Tumble games etc together. While the older kids were playing Internet games. Finally had Banana Choc cake from Secret Recipe which we later distributed to all the kids. Phew!! Finally everything was settled and cleaned up by 9.30pm

As for Lucas we finally brought him home after Debbie came back from HCM, VN trip. But we found rashes all over his body, it seems that he had a reaction to the antibiotics after his bout of fever. So we brought him to see our usual paediatrician whom advised that we stop giving it to him. It took awhile and I had to take leave for 1 day just to keep him at home as the Taska were afraid to take him in for fear of measles contamination to the other kids. I think now he's back to his cheerful self but his appetite is not as good as last time.