2010 Xmas

How did we spend our Xmas this year? Nothing ! , Boring !!!...... Debbie had to mark papers so we had to skip JB celebration. I had to take care of the terrible twos. So as a treat we went for dinner at KLCC Chilli's , steak so nice and juicy. Brandon walloped 2 portion of kids meal ( including Lucas portion). Oh yeah Lucas had another house-call haircut. Have you noticed Lucas eyes is one big one small, dats normal! If its both double eye lid, means he's sick.

Dec 2010 Holidays

Well after the long holidays at Ah Ma's house, Brandon and Lucas finally comes back to stay in KL. And for the first few days they get to enjoy their time in Taska. Surprisingly Brandon enjoyed his brief stay there, due to his noisy and playful nature, the caretakers there likes to tease him as well. Then we went for a 1 night stay at PGH Hotel and shopped at the Mines. I must say there has been a great improvement compare to the past and there's even a water feature on the top floor. Well we went there in the morning decided to have brunch there , what else but Sushi King ( Brandons fav) So after a heavy meal decided to walk around the Mall. I still remember what Brandon mention the activities he wanted to do during the holidays
1) Stay in hotel (check but actually he wanted Gurney hotel, but we said here also got slide ma.. , he said reluctantly OK!.....phew.!! )
2) Hello kitty (Actually karaoke la... checked)
3) Genting highland( tis one Ah Ma will bring)
4) Sunway dagoon( Sunway Lagoon tis one coming soon)
Aiyo after the heavy meal , Brandon vomitted , wasted my money. Never mind la must be ate too late and too much in the morning. After vomit he felt better and went to play at the Splash Park.

A few days later Debbie had bought tickets for the Sports club family day at Sunway Lagoon. Well got lost in Sunway Pyramid parking lot while trying to get to the Water Park and had a big hoohaa. Finally got there, and Brandon was so excited , unfortunately didn't get to take any pictures there, just trying to keep an eye on Brandon. The weather was quite gloomy but the UV ray was quite strong my lens turned dark and after wards when I got back home I was burnt... sunburn la. Went there had breakfast, walked around the wildlife park , then had some rides at the amusement park finally the water park. Brandon was whinning all the time about going to the water park, finally got there and spent hours there. When we got home everyone was so tired everyone slept early including Lucas.