Lucas 6 weeks old

Not much has happened for the past 6 weeks. Lucas is getting his shots, Brandon is getting more affectionate with his brother. Didnt celebrate Lucas full month celebration just bought some package from 2 vendors Uniq (Halal)and Delight(Pork free) then distributed to friends and family. Nowadays trying to enjoy the late nite feeds and also the constant whining, so we will just take every free moment to nap. Now beginning to see eye lashes and eye brows on Lucas. Brandon on the other hand just finished his first term exam not bad even got 100/98 for his Science in Chinese/English but still failed in Bahasa Melayu (38/58) , Chinese(91/80),Math in Chinese(80/88) Eng Language(94/94) , Chinese Language(85/86)Phys Ed.Chinese (56) Art (C) . I am getting pressured by aunties all over the school to enrol him for tuition classes, Aiya.. poor thing la everyday come back from school at 4 pm still want to torture him meh! I still remember last time we all study in Year One where got so much pressure one? these days so much expectation everything also want 100%.