Lucas is down but cheerful

We have just started to send Lucas to Taska day care at my workplace. Its cheap and good , convenient as well, so no complaints. But then due to so many diseases and children around he caught the fever and sniffles in the 1st week. Later in the week he caught his cough from his mama. Aiyoh so messy to clean up after the vomit. And Brandon is playing his koko role "trying" to help but not doing much, aiyah wat do u expect from a 7 year old. During that time Mummy has had her dream sofa shopping then booked and delivered. In between had to think of how to get rid of the existing sofa, so we got to know of a charity org Xim Phou Moon. Luckily they came an hour before then an hour after she got her new sofa.

This one was caught when he's asking for milk.

This was when he was being restless so had to entertain him while he enjoyed himself laughing