Day trip to Sepang

Well I saw in a news paper article that was talking about a new development at Bagan Lalang called Sepang Gold Coast and it got me curious what else is there and found that there were lots of people that talked about the sights and makan over there. So being the cheapo Dad that can ill afford the trip to elsewhere, so I suggested a day trip there.

In case, you are wondering why Lucas is tied up.It's to help him to calm down and sleep peacefully. Anyway nowadays we don't tie him anymore and he sucks his finger instead of a pacifier.

Did some research on the net before planning the trip; references includes :-Miss Pipo , Miss RachelCookie MomsterDexxyParent WonderCheryn, Terry Tsang, etc. I even planned to follow one of the bloggers plan to eat the Kai Wo Pau which is actually a lo mai kai wrapped in a pau bun which Ah Ma commented it was so.. nice, so I said to Debbie, lets try it since it was on the way. It was at a restaurant in Sri Petaling(Restoran Clan). References include :- Ipoh Mali,  SaiMatKong, etc.
So we started abt 8+ from home, pumped some gas and had our breakfast at the dim sum restaurant , managed to find a parking spot right beside it. Had a full breakfast, the dish was ok, ok only la. If you notice I didnt take much of photos as I was carrying Lucas and Debbie wasn't into taking photos as well. So I guess you guys just have to believe me that I was there. Anyway there are tonnes of photos taken by other bloggers stated in the reference.
Planned a route that took care of the makan, sights and gas as well.

After breakfast took the Putrajaya-KLIA highway and exited from the Sepang F1 race track that joined to the trunk road to Tanjung Sepat. In case you are worried , just need to follow the Sepang Gold Coast signboard that would be available most of the time. So along the journey, as usual Brandon would ask, Dad? How long to reach? My answer ? Half the time to Mama house(Muar). Brandon: uhh? So far!!. I didn't get much info on the exact location of the dragon fruit farm except for the name Multi-Rich Pitaya Farm. So after Sepang town just slow down till you see the signboard. Finally found it and saw that they were quite familiar with visitors and had a tour bus parked right outside. They also longan, passion fruit grown here apart from dragon fruit. Saw a poor monkey locked up in cage as well. They had quite a few selection of products like Dragon Fruit wine and enzymes etc... We tried the dragon fruit icicles , they also had dragon fruit/passion fruit ice blend as well. In case you are wondering is there other dragon fruit farm around. The answer is yes, there are lots of them all along the main road, so don't worry if you couldn't find this one, there are many others along the road to Tanjung Sepat. Bought some dragon fruits to give away and keep some for ourselves.

Next stop was the Ganofarm as I also dont know where the rest of the other sights are located exactly but Ganofarm was in my GPS. Silly me I already printed the map but dont know where I left it. Seriously we wanted to stay overnight at the Ganofarm but couldn't get a booking since we changed dates. Anything to see over there? Got la abit nothing much but did a bit of shopping as well. Quite an extensive range of fresh mushroom. Went in deeper inside the farm ,saw they were actually building some restaurant/cafe along the beach, so took some pictures. From a distance we could see the jetty which they called "Lovers Bridge". Aiyah I think its becoz the locals like to pak to over there la.

Next stop was Hai Yew Hin Pau shop. They originally started from the shop opposite. Later when more tourist comes , I think they expanded had a mini factory across the street. Luckily today was off peak season( Hungry Ghost and Puasa) so managed to buy a few to keep for breakfast. Quite nice tho, personally I think their pau is more old fashion (natural ingredients) so has a rough texture compared to the normal pau we eat very white, smooth and sweet. If you notice their pau has their brand advertisement pasted on the pau paper on the bottom.

Afterward Brandon was already so bored and he kept asking for the iPhone to play with. And he kept complaining hot, tired, thirsty , hungry etc. But we had make 2 stops 1 for the Kerepek factory called Arowana and another was for the fish ball factory just behind the Pasar Awam. We only stopped awhile at the fish ball factory , actually only Debbie got down but it wasn't convenient to buy it since it was made fresh and hard to keep it fresh later as we didn't bring ice box to keep it cool. So went over to the Kerepek factory , another disappointment as I think we just walked in but there wasn't a tour around the factory making process available. The place is quite a distance from the main road. So bought some kerepek before leaving for lunch. And it was back to the beach area, and settled for Restoran Hong Seng.

Read from another blogger talked about lack of makan places. When we reached we thought : On holiday ka? So empty one? Anyway tired and thirsty we ordered but the dishes came later. Saw the tour bus from the dragon farm, kerepek factory and now the same restaurant that we were at. And then their dishes came first , aiyah! I thought : bad choice la should have chosen another place. When the dishes came ,it was ok but the portions were for like 6-8 person but there were only 2 ad half of us eating. So we just finished the rest of the steam crabs and tahpau the rest for tomorrows dinner la. Price total 80+ ok la

Finally after lunch about 2pm so hot , worried that the rest of the mushroom and dragon fruit would be spoiled under the hot sun. Never mind last stop Sepang Gold Coast. Got there alright I thought it was quite close to the main road but in reality had to go through some twist and turn to reach it. Finally got there but was given the run around as I suspect a lot of people would park near the hotel. So had to park some distance away. When we reached the beach I took Brandon along for a walk along the beach . It was low tide so it was quite some distance to reach the water. In between the muddy shore my slippers got stuck , in the end was spoilt so had to drag it back to shore. Debbie was waiting for us back at the beach. Was tired and sweaty so bought some ice cream to cool off and afterwards the long ride home. Later got a phone call from Aunt Kim Chee who wanted a ride back to the train station from Mines, so had to pack the baby car seat when I was pumping gas on the way back at PSS KLIA-LCCT. Then sent Mum back to Ah Bee's place before leaving back home. In the end to cheer Brandon from this boring trip, took him to the swimming pool to cool off. That's all folks!