Brandons 7th Birthday

It was sort of last minute, Brandon requested to have a birthday party last Monday and it has been quite sometime since he had a party with his friends. So this time round we invited his classmates and friends around the condo.He was quite excited that he went to round up his friends to come to our house for the party. We decorated a bit using blown up balloons which we later distributed to the children. We had KFC, Pizza, roast chicken and drinks. The children were playing Monopoly, Topple,Monkey Tumble games etc together. While the older kids were playing Internet games. Finally had Banana Choc cake from Secret Recipe which we later distributed to all the kids. Phew!! Finally everything was settled and cleaned up by 9.30pm

As for Lucas we finally brought him home after Debbie came back from HCM, VN trip. But we found rashes all over his body, it seems that he had a reaction to the antibiotics after his bout of fever. So we brought him to see our usual paediatrician whom advised that we stop giving it to him. It took awhile and I had to take leave for 1 day just to keep him at home as the Taska were afraid to take him in for fear of measles contamination to the other kids. I think now he's back to his cheerful self but his appetite is not as good as last time.