Batu Caves Challenge

Ever since we bought the Koko and May story book that featured a trip to Batu Caves we were hounded by Brandon to bring him for a visit. Had been delaying for so long we thought why not just bring him there this Sat morning since its just a 15 min drive there for our house. On the way there I noticed they had diverted the traffic so that people are not supposed to make a U turn to turn in to the entrance. And the directions to the entrance was abit of a hassle as well. Missed the turn and made another try at this time Brandon was already complaining and we joked with him that we were going home instead since we already caught a glimpse of it. Then he started to cry......Next try finally made the turn and it a winding turn in order to get in. Almost missed the entrance payment as again , no signs until I saw a mans hand  waving a ticket to me. Sigh... pay $3 then only get to park.

Made the climb all the way up. Mum got to practise using the sling.Got to the top and the view was amazing with the sky lights in the cave and all sorts of people were clamouring around to worship the deities. Then got down again, had a bit of  rest near the fish pond. Then onwards to Pan Heong to have our brunch with porridge, mee goreng, then Brandon ate his fav food R,E,FF and SS. Finished then passed by Giant to buy some groceries before returning home to rest.