Jan 2011 weekends

For the past few weekends tried to limit traveling and spend some time at the neighborhood malls or just lepak at home. Sometimes the kids just drives us crazy but that's just part of growing up for the kids and for us learning the virtues of patience.

Had tried some Popeye's Fried Chicken based on Andys recommendation at the local mall at Wangsa Walk. Not bad la but quite pricey also, they gave some free vouchers which means I have visit them a few more times which means spend more la. Then another weekend thought we want to try something new. Debbie was interested with some home cooked meal at Jalan Ipoh called LaoMaZis. We bought another food guide for some good food recommendation and we settled on this one.

There wasnt much a crowd and the food was good. We couldn't order much just some smoked duck, bolster meat roll, sliced fish with ginger and some vege. And we finished off with some ais cream potong.

While Lucas was sleeping at the bear figure mattress I took some pictures and I recalled I took a few when Brandon was small as well but those didnt turn out right but I think Lucas looks better.

Return trip to Mama House

Mama requested everyone to return back to Muar for a get together. But I had to finish up my work for the week end. What the heck, just bring back the laptop to Muar. Already left the house and passing by Sg Besi airport but had to turn back becoz I misunderstood Diana's statement of going back home. Brandon was complaining being hungry all the time and we stopped at McD near the highway before returning back to Muar. Had our lunch of the usual Parit Jawa Assam Fish. Brandon's description is "The eating place got boat one!".
Wanted to buy some fish back but forgot today is 15th of lunar month so the pasar is closed. Went to the dentist to pull out one of Brandon's milk teeth, had booked a place for him but waited quite sometime before his turn. When it was his turn , it took less than 2 minutes and it was all over. Brandon was quite brave and he didn't put up a fuss at all.

Oh.maan...........Its School daze again!???

Had been reminding Brandon about the school holidays coming to an end. As he kept asking us how many more days of holidays(his definition is :no school days). So when they started the school , all sorts of parking havoc began. Cars double, triple parked all over the main road. The night before gave Brandon a treat by going to his favourite fried chicken wing restaurant.

Lucas complaining not enough food... mum mumm...mumm.. not enough

Happy New Year 2011

Well since its been an eventful year end with Malaysia team winning the AFF cup and we get a holiday. Yay!! who cares who wins anyway as long as we get an extra holiday. Got an SMS from Maxis offering 20% discount to visit Petro sains at KLCC. Actually was reminded by Debbie to bring Brandon to visit so might as well.

Admission rates
Adult (18 years and above): RM12.00
Youth (13 - 17 years): RM7.00
Child (5 - 12 Years): RM4.00
Senior Citizen (56 years and above): RM6.00
Family Package (2 adults & 2 children): RM24.00
Children four years and below: Admission is FREE

Going there after breakfast and after the tour went for Sushi King for lunch then home.

Earthquake simulator