Sunday at the pool

Recently Koko has been especially noisy complaining that he hasn't been to the swimming pool for quite some time so I rounded up everyone to join including Mummy and Didi. This round Didi can try his new swim suit for a dip in our pool.

Happy Chinese New Year 2011

This year the Eve dinner was done at my place and Debbie wanted to cook, so I took leave to prepare for the night. The turnout was just my brother and family with my parents. Well I didn't take much photographs as I was too busy helping Debbie to clean up. The food looked good but some turned out to be better than others. Initially thought of cooking steamboat but later changed it to cooked food. We had home made yee sang made of fresh produce instead of buying the standard packets from supermarkets. Then after dinner just lepak at my place awhile before setting off. The tradition in our house, the ang paos are usually given after the eve dinner so Brandon had his fun time counting money. My nephews were sick as well so most of them left right after the dinner.

The first day of CNY as usual went over to my brothers place for chinese vegetarian dish before setting off to visit my grandparents in Seremban. As planned went there using the LEKAS highway from my brothers place in about 45 minutes , yeah its fast becoz no traffic. Actually wanted to visit a friend but he was out and this time I had tried a new route to avoid the jam at the junction of Chip Aik Garden. Once I saw all of them we set off at about 5pm and I thought we could leave on time but got caught in the traffic jam right after the Senawang toll. Its just ugly side of the Malaysian being so fascinated with the accident scene as by the time we reached the accident area everything had already cleared but everyone still slowed down to watch. Come on la people! hai yo waste everyones time till the jam stretched about 5km long, wasted about 45 min there. When we reached Ayer Keroh it was already 7plus and the queue for the gas pump was quite long as well.
Reached Tua koo house about 8plus and everyone was already there had a few bites before going back to Mamas house.
Brandon had a pleasant surprise from Tua Ee as he got an Itouch, it was so funny the way he said thank you that he even bowed to say thank you. The next morning was so busy entertaining the guests for the laksa johor open house that I couldnt remember much of anything that happened. Went over to Alicias house for a visit and on the last day went over to Parit Jawa pasar to stock up for KL dinners. Nowadays getting difficult to keep Lucas still to have his mum mum, so we made use of the child seat to strap him up during meal time.

Came home on Sunday so that Brandon could go to school the next morning, but Alicia and Tua ee keep pestering me to stay on to Monday and let Brandon ponteng school for one day. Set off about 8plus at nite and took the AMJ highway , aiyo so many traffic lights finally reached the LEKAS highway 3 hours later. From then on took only 1 hr to reach home, yup lucky me for the LEKAS and Cheras highway.