April 2011 babies

The Muar gang had a plan to pass by Genting then had a celebration in KL with the April babies. And also my car broke down sent to the repair shop for top over haul due to valve seat recession. Had scouted around for a few restaurants and finally settled down to a restaurant nearby namely Chong Fatt. It was a bit pricey but the food was good.

Photo Teaser

We got some comments from all the A-yees after we got the latest reply from Leon Lai.(photographer)

From: Daphne Tan wrote:
Hahaha.....Give some comment oso cannot.

From : Doreen Tan wrote:
Talk like professional photographer. He haven’t finished editing la

From: Daphne Tan wrote:
Ya lor. Chit chit not smiling. Not very nice. Photo oso very bright. Too much sunlight. Better take in studio.

From : Doreen Tan wrote:
More more more! Like that only? Not very nice shots leh. Not smiling one

From: Debbie Tan
Subject: Fw: Photoshoot teasers

Weekend at Muar

Well we had the photo shoot at Lake Titiwangsa as planned. Bought some McD breakfast before that and tried to meet up with the photographer whose name is Leon. Drove around on the other side of the lake to get a better location. Coincidently  found that there were a few DBKL horses on their morning walkabout.

Then took a few shots near the lake, playground and the nearby trees. Before the hour was up , Lucas was very agitated because it was hot and humid, he fell asleep as soon as I carried him around to the car. So had to wrap up fast and rush off to Muar. Will update soon with the results of the photo shoot as soon as we get it from Leon.

Reached Muar and  had some yummy home cook food before registering Brandon for a dentist appointment. I must say this doctor is quite popular , luckily we waited at home for about 3 hrs before it was Brandon's turn. Its good and cheap service again, costs us RM18, so will be making another visit in a month or so.

Lucas , Happy 1st Birthday!!

Actually the weekend before Lucas birthday Ah Ma n Ah Kung came for a brunch visit at Hee Lai Ton  after the Genting trip. Then all the aunties had another birthday celebration with and today will be his 3rd cake , albeit a small cupcake. Requested by Debbie as she missed out on the Sunday brunch cake cutting.