School holidays June 2011

Well after the long journey last weekend, it was time to relax at home. But then Lucas would drive us crazy wanting to go out so we try to do some activities for them.
On Sat night , after having seen so many commercials and print about i-city that we decided to go and have a look. Auntie Tay tagged along since she was free and wanted to visit the place as well. We tried a new restaurant at SS2 New Formosa the food was not bad but a bit salty maybe we should have ate it with some rice. We left at about 9:20pm and we got stuck at Federal Highway till about 11pm we reached the place. We saw there was a long queue going in the park, so I decided to park at the roadside and walked in. Luckily there was no rain and I saved RM10 of parking fees. Saw the long streams of people , it was like a local fun fair with games and lights. The place was just a business park with offices all over , the only attraction was the lighted trees and the games. Honestly I don't see what's the fuss about. I tried to find the counter for the Snow Walk that costs RM25 adult RM20 and also the long queues really puts me off. In the end we just walked around saw some games , took some photos and swore off the place. This would be the first and last time that I would ever come to this place.  

While having breakfast at Sky Rest. we tried the hair salon and gave Lucas a haircut. One that makes him look even more "pai nang".  Ah Yee brought Brandon for supposedly an Ultraman fan exhibition but in actual just a shopping trip for him to buy all the toys and CD. Didn't really wanted to see Ultraman.