Visit to the NSC

That's National Science Centre of Pusat Sains Negara.

The day began with a cloudy day and a slight drizzle.
I had promised that I would bring out the kids to have some fun and I thought this would be educational as well. Brandon likes to see the Dinosaurs as well but I think he has forgotten he has seen it before. First thing in the morning had to force Brandon to wash his school shoes before we went out. Wanted to order McD for breakfast as usuak but they didnt want to deliver becoz of the rain. Duh! isnt that what they are supposed to do to take away our inconveniences rather than doing something that's convenient for them. So instead we went to the newly opened Old Town kopitiam along Jln Pahang.

Went to pump gas but got stuck at Bulatan Pahang made a quick exit at Hospital to cut the queue. Then off we went! reached there and bought the tickets and we made our way to the top of the hill. Went through all the exhibits excluding the aviary and the other mini farms around the complex. Finally left for lunch at Desa Sri Hartamas , and settled to eat at Aoyama didnt have much choice so caught a quick one and left to reach home to rest.

Night Time Snacks

Those who have seen Lucas during mealtime would know he's a TAMCHIAK Glutton adventurer and will put anything he sees into his mouth.
Come and see
Do I look cute or naughty?
I think needs some seasoning
Menu of insects
Lucas favorite munch

In this instance he's just munching on plastic toys given by Ah Yee to Brandon. Come on la, what kind of parents do you think we are !

The Porky that got away

The last round that Alicia came to visit on July 9(yes Clean 2.0), we went to pick her up at Subang Airport. We thought of bringing her to Cristang to have lunch. We thought it was safe in PJ. Mana tau! the id**c Gahmen go and block on the Fed Highway , Gila! Just when we thought after we passed the Kg Tunku block, just when we wanted to turn in through Jln Templer . All the access to PJ old town was blocked. I pity those people staying there la. Cant even get in. Cursing then !@#$%^X, next we tried to have lunch at Frontera(Mexican) at Jaya One instead, verdict ok la.

2 weeks after we made another attempt to taste our pork! So went there and searched the place. Found that we were the 1st customer of the day. Lucas napped in the car while we were on our way there. Ah! a peaceful brunch. We ordered Pork chop, Pork Burger & Spaghetti Marinara. The pork chop was a bit overcooked , tough! Spaghetti was ok but my pork Burger was moist and tender. We had some Fried Butter Cake n Ice cream for dessert , sorry! forgot to take picture. The bill came up to RM130. Not cheap lo!
Luckily just after we finished our meal Lucas woke up from his nap and we fed him his porridge made from home. Don't know why after a while Lucas kept blinking his eyes at the waitresses trying to be cute. After brunch went to a Giant supermarket to stock up on Lucas's supplies. Came home to rest after that.

Selamat Hari Burung 2011 Kong Kong

We came back to Muar to celebrate Kong Kong belated birthday and had dinner at Star Restaurant.