City boy visits the kampong

Debbie has a colleague who invited her to their wedding reception at Kuang. Huh? ! so far , not really but really kampung area which has very nice houses and lots of land. Took the DUKE highway then PLUS using the GPS to get to the area. Got there but not in time to catch the ceremony. Brandon was engrossed as usual reading the Tintin comic on my phone.

Spore holiday Here we come!

Debbie had an assignment in Spore so we took the opportunity to make a short trip since Brandon had finished his exams. But it was tough as we had to rush through the birthday party and the next day , we had to start the journey down south. Got up and started lugging the baggage down and left abt 9+ then had breakfast at the usual McD near the SgBesi Hway then started the journey abt 1045. Made 4 stops at Kg Baru, Ayer Keroh & Kulai for gas then TnG at Tuas before reaching YMCA at 430pm.
After checking in had a rest before Reen n Choon came to pick us up for dinner at Geylang G7 for some Frogs Legs Porridge. I had a brief look see of the area and the whole place was selling Mainland China food, operated and patronised by the Mainland Chinese. Somehow their accent and behavior bothers me. Then Alicia n Andy brought us to the Marina Barrage the new happening place for Sporeans to enjoy a healthy lifestyle by flying kites @ nite???? yeah with blinking lights. On the way back Alicia kept asking Debbie to go shopping but we were tired from the journey and really needed our rest for the next 2 days.

We planned to go to Sentosa Underwater World to catch some shows like the Pink dolphins and also the Underwater World aquariums. After lunch at Food republic we took the MRT to Jurong for the Snow City and Spore Science Center. Finally dinner was at a Korean restaurant where we had a birthday celebration for Alicia n Brandon.

Trying out a new HD video service introduced by Fuzzyeyeballs

SentosaUnderwaterworld-Pink Dolphin




Today woke up with our feet sore and back numb. I kept telling myself that I'm getting too old but in fact I'm too out of shape( I know.. I know.. ROUND is also a shape) from all the walking the previous day. Today its going to be worse since we would be walking whole day long at the Spore Zoo. The place was really big and kids had fun especially at the Splash Pool. Dinner was at Melben Crabs AMK

SporeZoo-Monkey show


Debbie went for meeting and I took care of the kids till she came back which was at 330pm . Checked out at 12 then had lunch at Kopitiam with Alicia. Started journey back at 330pm reached Sban for dinner at 7pm then home at 930pm

Brandon's 8th Birthday Party

Had asked Brandon whether he wants a birthday party or not. Brandon's reply 'YESSS!! actually he doesnt entertain any of the kids , he just plays his PSP or Ipodtouch. Debbie and me had to take half day leave to prepare and buy all his party supplies and food. He invited all his playmates and their parents for his party.