2011 Xmas

Like the annual migration of the birds, come every Xmas the gangs of KL, Muar & Spore will travel down south to Jb to celebrate Xmas with the Jb gang. We started our journey on Sat to Muar then to Jb on Sun morning. We had some hearty breakfast at Pesta a new place that we haven't tried before. The journey was ok and we had a pitstop at Ayer Hitam as well. Then just as we were approaching Skudai toll, disaster struck. There was an irritating noise (not Lucas la) I repeat an additional noise from the car.  I knew that this was bad , so I quickly slowed down then swerved to the side and inspected the damage. The alignment of the fan belt was out and part of the belt was already sliced off. First thing I did was to call the insurance company, couldn't get through. Then tried calling Annie to source for a local workshop.

Incidently, there was a vintage car show going on at the toll offices nearby, so I sought for help. It seems that PLUS provides their services for free offering their tow truck services from toll to toll only beyond that we had to source ourselves. They gave me a no. , so I tried to call them yet after awhile no trucks had arrived so I tried to find one close by, I found a truck just by the road. Asked the guy, it seemed that he was covering the event. Since he was idle might as well help us to tow our car to the nearest workshop. Luckily Philip knows someone from his kampong & was willing to help us out. So we towed the truck to Kebun Teh Lama, while we removed the luggage then Ah Ma and the rest waited for Kwan Yew to fetch them to Kim Teng Park. The sky was cloudy whole day log, just hoped that it won't rain, else!!!!.

Once I reached the workshop the guy remarked I was lucky again as he normally goes out kai kai with the wife every weekend. He went & bought some sparepart for the belt & he finished the job within 10 min. Philip & Chris was around to accompany me back to Kim Teng Park later yet Kwan Yew has not come back as he had to go out to Senai to come to Skudai toll.

Finally managed to settle down have a good & tasty lunch of Johor Laksa & Lontong washed down with some Peters concoction. Dizzy already. Went to check in at Crystal Crown the the door handle broke. Argh....! Went to Jaya Putra at Philips house for dinner makan, yummy food.

After the party at Jaya Putra we thought we would be going back to Muar tomorrow morning. Sigh! Mana tau Annie keep asking us to go to Kim Teng Park for the annual BBQ event just for the family members only. So we had to concede and had a late check out so that we can stay for the BBQ , stayed till 9plus and we left for Muar. Reached at 1130pm, sigh... tired Lucas was cranky in the car as well.

Another signboard change???

Since Brandon had finished his program so he's free to join Ah Ma in Muar. Ah Ma and Ah Kung came down to do some shopping then also met up with the JB gang and we had dinner at Pavilion Madam Kwan's. Aiyah forgot to bring camera again. Took a day off , went to Dr. KK Wong's office for the test on Wednesday to confirm our suspicions and it's confirmed. Looks like another coming and its due on 24 July 2012. Unexpectedly met some ex-college mates from Systematic College during my ACCA program. Luckily we exchanged contacts and I managed to link them trough Facebook. Its amazing what technology can do. Anyway they are also having their 3rd child which I think will be due sooner than us. Had Ampang Fong Fong Yong Tow Foo(tasty and reasonable price as usual) for lunch and TooWoomBa Deli & Meats(pricey, taste not bad) for dinner.

BB 8 weeks

Clever Graduation

After spending 500 bucks to the holiday classes at Clever in Genting Klang, it has finally come to and end after 15 days of fun and discovery.Brandon was happy to have kids around him to interact with and the teachers are young people who was fun to be with. I had a phone call from his teacher fearing that Brandon will forget the instructions given to him and the stupid note will always be in Chinese that I had to check using a dictionary word for word. So the instructions were for him to get ready with dinner eaten by 630pm on Sat 18 with the full gear of the "Clever" program T-Shirt and long pants at Mun Yee School, luckily I had washed earlier so he could wear it again.

I've won from Pang on Vimeo.

Lucas throwing tantrums

Lucas is on his way following this kid also. Diana Tan was around to witness Lucas performance last night, except I couldn't get out the camera in time. If you watch this you can imagine wat happened last night.

Some of the comments by friends

Ngi Heh Ma Kai Yin ?(Hakka)

It was one of those lazy weekends and Debbie mentioned that both the boys characters are very different, one is passive and the other active. One is smarter the other is.... not so quick. Anyway it was one of those remarks  that said the "haolian" face comes from the Teo Chew blood and the loud voice comes from the Hakka blood. So I decided that it's time that Brandon learn about his family dialect. So I asked him

Me: Brandon,你是什么人?
Brandon: Huh?我是华人
Me: Yeah I know but Daddy is from the Hakka dialect and so you are Hakka too.
Brandon : Huh? You kidding me, are you serious?
Me: Yes, you are Hakka . So you must learn Hakka OK?
Brandon: DOWAN.....
Me: No , you must learn la.. OK We start Lesson 1 ok?
Brandon: Ok la
Me : We start ha!, Me in Hakka is "Ngai" , Pointing at him You is "Ngi", ok now you try
Brandon: "Yai", "Yi"
Me: No....! again, its "Ng......aaaiii not "Yai". "Ngggg....iiiii" not "Yi", ok? you try
Brandon: "Ngggaiiii","Ngggii"
Me: ok , good. Now next time some one asks you, "Ngi Heh Ma Kai Yin ?" you say "Ngai Heh Hakka Yin"
Brandon: Oh it means I like to eat Hakka Mee?
Everyone in the car was laughing hysterically , hhahaha!
Me: You ah! only think of food only! No.. la you silly , it means I am from Hakka dialect, ok now you try again ah!"Ngi Heh Ma Kai Yin ? you say "Ngai Heh Hakka Yin" ok?
Brandon: "Yai Heh Hakka Mi"
Me sound exasperated : No! "Its not "Yai" its Ngai, Yin not Mi
Brandon: "Ngai Heh Hakka Yin"
Me: Sigh.. good , finally you got it but don't know for how long, will test you again tomorrow.

I managed to find a photo of their great grandfather from the net and hopefully will be proud that their Hakka Tai Kung (Datuk Pang Tet Tshung born 9 Dec 1923)was in the Sabah cabinet and was awarded not too long as well.
Other facts gathered but unverified of his
i) great grand uncle. Extract :- "Pang Tet Hyun, M.D 1922-2011 A retired physician, passed away peacefully at home on September 19, 2011, at age 89 from complications of Parkinson's Disease. He is survived by his loving wife Anna of 46 years. He will be deeply missed by son Anson (Sue), daughter Amy (Rob) and his adored grandchildren Ryan, Tia, Christopher and Aaron, who gave him much love and joy. Born in Jesselton, Sabah, Malaysia to Vui Chau, Pang and Khyu Sin, Wan, he was the eldest of seven siblings. He is survived by brothers Tet Tshung, Tet Chong, and sister Oi Tsu. He was predeceased by his sister Nyuk Tsu and brothers Tet Kong and Tet Fui. "
ii) great great grand auntie   Extract  :"PANG Len Yin  (彭蓮英) 1889-1979, sister of Pang Vui Chau from Hometown: “Ten Tong” Village, China , 廣東省 東莞市 鳳崗鎮 天堂圍村

PS: It seems the relative has stopped the maintenance of the site so cant see the pictures and history of the site from Mr Wong Fook Yee

Dec 1st weekend

These few months much has happened, tried to upgrade my Nokia 5800 but got it bricked now I can only hope they can revive it. Been getting poison here and there to buy a new phone. Sigh! I've got phones already just need a GPS ,so when I saw an offer from Everyday I bought it. Hmm... as for phones not really interested unless they launch a GSM/Wimax/ Android phone like HTC Supersonic or something like that. Or maybe a new tablet? or laptop? Noooo...... stop spending...

Last week we saw a program by Axian regarding Hainan Chicken Rice which rated the Loke Yun Ampang Village as the best in Malaysia. Sure boh... ? So we went there to try it out, looks clean and comfortable , service is ok, overall ok only la..I still miss the Spore chicken rice which I used to eat almost everyday while I was working there few years back.Looking for a place to park at Ampang Village is a real turnoff, Will I return: Maybe. Dunno where to go after that, so just go to Berjaya Time Square becoz Brandon has been asking to go Cosmo's World for the past few weeks so brought him there to try the rides.Luckily have Popular Card with me so I could get discounts. Brandon went on and on for the Bumper Car rides for at least 45 min before we convinced him to try the bigger rides. The worst that we tried was "Dizzy Izzy", the ride was fun initially but was just too long , made me feel queasy, luckily never vomit out the mornings chicken rice. Brandon didn't have much choice so we took a second ride on Dizzy Izzy, sigh.. old already! feeling really dizzy then went to the Food Court down at the LG floor .

Having dinner earlier didn't feel so good so had some Tomyam soup to have a better appetite. After makan , go home sleep.....

Dizzy Izzy from Pang on Vimeo.

Hold tight from Pang on Vimeo.

Wheely from Pang on Vimeo.

Spin Bucket from Pang on Vimeo.

Crazy Bus from Pang on Vimeo.

Yawn from Pang on Vimeo.

Yay! Holidays are here

Well, holidays are finally here and Brandon is happy to vegetate at home. Its only the mummy cant stand him having nothing to do so we signed up a holiday program with lots of activities like magic shows, kitchen science, sushi making & doraeyaki baking, careers intro like fireman, outings like Lake garden etc. Lucky for him its not for study but just play time for the next 15 days , 5 days a week from 930 till 1530, so he dun feel so "wuliao" and vegetate by dreaming at home. Every day the van will pick him up in the morning to class at Genting Klang (Clever) and drop him off after class.

Went back to Muar , last weekend and Sa-Yee bought him some kitchen science experiment kits to play with. Came back on Sunday because Brandon starts his class on Monday even though its a replacement holiday. Then went to 1U to try a new makan place called Xiao Ba Wang. Price wise ok, taste wise so so only. Will I return ? NO