Return trip to Mama House

Mama requested everyone to return back to Muar for a get together. But I had to finish up my work for the week end. What the heck, just bring back the laptop to Muar. Already left the house and passing by Sg Besi airport but had to turn back becoz I misunderstood Diana's statement of going back home. Brandon was complaining being hungry all the time and we stopped at McD near the highway before returning back to Muar. Had our lunch of the usual Parit Jawa Assam Fish. Brandon's description is "The eating place got boat one!".
Wanted to buy some fish back but forgot today is 15th of lunar month so the pasar is closed. Went to the dentist to pull out one of Brandon's milk teeth, had booked a place for him but waited quite sometime before his turn. When it was his turn , it took less than 2 minutes and it was all over. Brandon was quite brave and he didn't put up a fuss at all.