Cherating Club Med, here we come

Had been planning this trip for the past few months anticipating Brandon's term holidays. We had booked for a 3 day 2 nights but instead extended to 4 days 3 night instead as they gave 1 night extra if buy 2 nights. The night before had to pack a lot of clothes toys and stuffs for the kids to occupy the long drive. I had anticipated to be a long drive. On Sat morning, we started quite early 750am and skipped breakfast so that we can grab something on the way. But in the end I didn't stop and we drove all the way. It took 3 hours for us to reach Cherating but we couldnt check in as the check in time was 3pm so we were 4 hours early.

Panoramic Recreation area near the river -click on pic to see full pic

Then decided to do the first stop at Chukai town where we could sample the famous Hai Peng coffee and the Tong Juan stuff crab. Had some drinks at a local coffee shop nearby too to kill some time. During that time Brandon had already exhausted the batteries of his ipodtouch and PSP, even finished browsing a new book, kept pestering us. "Are we there yet?" "I wanna go Club Med" "Why so long ?". Before that did some shopping for some local products most important being the keropok. But after tasting a few of the keropok lekor , felt a bit disappointed. So I just forgot about it and try to enjoy the holiday.

After checked in decided to just relax till dinner time at 715pm well the whole place was really crowded. And after dinner decided to join in and see the show which was "Pirates of the Caribbean ala Club Med ". At the end of the day we were tired , there was supposed to be a beach party but we skipped it to retire early for tomorrow.

Had an early breakfast, then tried to register Brandon to the Mini club but sadly he was too young for the older kids so he joined the 3-7 yr old kids instead. Tried to enrol Lucas but he was too young their youngest starts at 2 years old. We decided to take it easy , we tried the archery class and took a train ride to the other side of the beach which had another French style restaurant and where all the water activities were held there. Joined the archery class.

Tried to relax near the lounge and pool and drank a few drinks from the bar. Felt bored and we were just waiting for the next meal. Then I went back for a nap with Lucas while Debbie picked up Brandon for dinner.

Panoramic view of the Resort chalets-click on pic to see full pic

The night performance was "Moulin Rouge style" ,boring according to Brandon but I already knew that so I went off first with Lucas to rest in the room. When Brandon came back , he was very angry as he felt cheated by the silly magic show.

This was the most challenging day as we felt "rugi" if we didn't participate in most of the activities there. But Brandon had a hard time waking up as he told us that there were too many activities and he was being bullied by some of the kids. Took us quite sometime to wake him up. Next up we went to Kayaking but I didn't bring any swim wear so I was soaked and we went back and freshen up for the next activity Golf. Then next was the Bungee trampoline, finally the Trapeze. After that my body was so sore and tired. But then felt sorry for Lucas as he didn't get to play so decided to bring him to the pool for a dip finally we decided to go back and rest to get ready for dinner.

Before we finished dinner both Lucas and Brandon were asleep at the dinner table so we went back to rest.

Took it easy and had breakfast, then just sat around and relax till check out time at 11am then bought some dried goods before returning back to KL by 5pm. Actually wanted to visit the turtle sanctuary but the place was quite run down so decided to skip it and head back KL.