Perfect Livin Weekend

After complaining about the mosquitoes and moldy toilet door. We figured now is the best time to go and find out about the products and offers at Perfect Livin 2011 - Home and Lifestyle Exhibition. 
It was held at PWTC and it was free entrance fee.  So went early to the Mall to park the car and had breakfast at McD before proceeding to the exhibition hall. It is quite distressing as we had to walk through some construction for a pedestrian walk way and the cars were not slowing down for us to walk across. Got there register myself and I got a free gift which is a small cup with cover from Tupperware. Then upstairs to get across the bridge to the other exhibition hall at the other side of the river. It was still early and not many people were around. So proceeded to look see and when we finally found an exhibit stall selling bathroom doors. Finally let Debbie decide as she wanted a better looking (more expensive door) compared to Ah Kungs new bi-fold door. I must say it really looked better but doesn't really match the rest of the house which is old and in need of a renovation. Sigh! might as well buy a new house but that's another story.

So proceeded to book for the magnetic mosquito netting and also the bathroom door. In the meantime , Lucas and Brandon try to find some activities to kill some time while waiting for us. Ah! now that's finally done proceeded back to the Mall for some lunch at the Food Court now at the basement level. Becoz of the Ramadhan month the place was like a ghost town, as you can see the tired looks of the stall attendants. Had our lunch then wanted to go home but Brandon needed his fix for the day. Huh? go home? so boring! So took him to Ikea at BU so he can play at Smaland for an hour while we have a cuppa upstairs while waiting for him. Surprisingly met my ex- colleagues from SL but didnt talk much , duty calls. After picking up Brandon from Smaland,  Debbie went shopping with Lucas and I accompanied Brandon to Popular Bookstore so he can browse some comic books and I waited for him for 2 hrs. Before we left Ikea decided to have some dinner at Sakae Sushi.
After dinner we were so tired but we still have another stop at Ecogreen for Debbie to buy some organic produce esp some chicken for Brandon as the doctor commented his skin rashes is probably from consuming antibiotics filled chicken. During that time Lucas was entertaining the staffs there by being himself.
Afterwards proceeded home and rested. Ah! another fulfilling but tiring weekend.

A meal with Lucas is just, "Sigh! Bo see tiam"