Super Peak Holiday-Raya+Merdeka+School Holidays

Had planned a holiday for Brandon and didn't planned to go far. So I thought of Ipoh because of the Lost World of  Tambun and also Ipoh is famous for having good food. I planned to go on the 1st day of Raya to avoid the jams and leave early in the morning. Woke up at 6am then moved the things to the car and pumped gas. Was a bit off schedule but never mind as we reached Auntie Ah Tays sisters house around 9+ Jalan Papan then onwards to have breakfast.

At first we tried Ming Court, failed because too many people and no tables available, Foh San , failed again, Yoke Fook Mun, failed again, finally Chef Fatt and looks like we would be turned away again till we finally managed to secure 1 table. Ah.. finally some dim sum breakfast and then on wards to Lost World of Tambun but had to pump some gas first at Bercham.

We reached there about 11am and had to wait for nearly an hour to buy tickets, So slow! All because of people paying using cards which has promo price. They should have another counter paying cash mah! Stupid. Anyway got there and planned to go the other attractions like Petting zoo and Tiger Valley but knowing Brandon after he sees the Water Park , he kept pestering to go in the water. After having a few rides at the Amusement Park then proceeded to go the locker machines which didnt really comes with instructions and the guy behind me had to teach me to use the machine. Brandon had a fun time and we all had sunburn when we finished and left about 4pm to check in at Ritz Garden. Actually it was because of Lucas had dozed off after dipping into the hot spring spa else we would have stayed till closing time 6pm.

We saw a few reviews about the hotel had China girls operating in the hotel but I didn't really care as long as its new and affordable as I had tried Tower Regency and Regalodge but they were out of family rooms. The rate was RM200 /night and it had lots of facilities like swimming pool, cinema and library with free wifi access. Well after the 1st night we know why, the room was facing the traffic which was noisy due to the motor bikes vrrooomm vrooomm sound on Merdeka celebration. Complained to the front office about the security siren but when we switched to the Family Premier Deluxe on the 3rd night that costs 350/night the environment and furnishings were totally different.

The food trail in Ipoh was crazy with long queues at Lou Wong, Onn Kee, Cowan Street , Fifteen Tower and all the other famous places finally we settled for lesser known places like Thong Sui Kai, Kam Kee, Wooley Food Court etc. But managed to go to Thean Chun and Kong Heng at Old Town

The next day we went to 2 places which was Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang and Gua Tempurung which was  exhausting and hot whole day long. Brandon made a new friend Kevin Yong Kok Keong which was Auntie Tays nephew. He joined us for the trip.

Extending the trip for the 3rd night wasn't planned ahead as we thought the trip back would be jammed and hectic so extended another night and we had some light activities like visiting Jusco Kinta Shopping Centre.

Then  when it was time to leave on Friday morning the car was so jammed with food we could hardly find space. Once we arrived in KL we made a stop at Pan Heong at Batu Caves for some lunch.