KL Bird Park

Last weekend wanted to give Brandon some activities, so I suggested going to the KL BirdPark which was at Lake Gardens. Before leaving, the sky looked really cloudy and I was having second thoughts about going. After breakfast at Old Town, it still didn't rain yet, so wanted to ajak Auntie Tay to follow us. When we got there , there were lots of people around , mostly tourist. So paid for the tickets, which cost me 20/adult and only 10/child, Lucas was FOC. Mana tau ?!! After an hour or so, the rain kept coming and coming till we decided to go home. Potong stim only! I had to run back to the car to get the umbrella and I was soaked wet. So had to cancel the outing prematurely then we went out later to One Utama. What a tiring day!

PS. Brandon complained sick and took 2 days leave from school