PWC Family Day at Bukit Tinggi Resort

Another Family Day event organised by PWC. Actually the initial response was not encouraging so they extended the invitations to friends as well as extended family. So invited Auntie Ah Tay along as well. Never been there and didn't know which turning to turn out also. (Exit 805). So planned to leave by 730am , then I left slightly early to withdraw cash and pumped gas then took out the car seat and picked up Yati as well. Well the journey uphill was not very forgiving to the car as later on after a few car rides the car was up on smoke after the climb up to the Japanese garden. Which explains why Yati jumped to another car ride home, (hi hii scared my car rosak). Had some makan breakfast and lunch at the convention centre, which was a bit confusing as didn't get much help getting to the place. Skipped the tele-match and treasure hunt as we had kids which was a hassle, so the girls took a long time queuing for the fake tattoo which Brandon also had one. Right after he got home he took it off immediately , scared teacher scold woh! Well after long and torturous walk after the Japanese garden , Brandon collapsed and slept at the bakery when we reached the French village "Colmar Tropicale". We had spent some time at the Animal farm too which was Brandon and Lucas favorite as they had fun playing at the playpen. After a long day , we returned home but not directly as Debbie thought we'd be too lazy to move once at home so went to JJ awhile before having dinner at Ind. Area before reaching home at 940pm. More than 12 hours out , even more hard working than in office.