Happy Halloween

So what is this silly ang moh festival anyway, why is their holiday being celebrated the world over that people find it hip to celebrate. I could only try to understand based on our Chinese version which is the Hungry Ghost Festival of which we had been warned since young not to make fun of or celebrate it with fun but with caution and all sorts of pantang. Well of course due to modernisation there are sexy girls performing getai performances but that's another story. Passed by Bangsar Village Grocer and saw the price of the Giant pumpkin on display costs RM1199, gila!

Didn't plan much for the current weekend as we try to keep it free and easy where we just have dinner at Bangsar then jalan-jalan near Bangsar Village. At first wanted to try Nyonya food at BabaLows, Mana Tau! not open for dinner so turn back to and settled for Mdm Kwan's Nasi Lemak. I must say the things there quite pricey leh! Most important is Lucas was able to go kai kai or else he will drive us crazy at home.