Yay! Holidays are here

Well, holidays are finally here and Brandon is happy to vegetate at home. Its only the mummy cant stand him having nothing to do so we signed up a holiday program with lots of activities like magic shows, kitchen science, sushi making & doraeyaki baking, careers intro like fireman, outings like Lake garden etc. Lucky for him its not for study but just play time for the next 15 days , 5 days a week from 930 till 1530, so he dun feel so "wuliao" and vegetate by dreaming at home. Every day the van will pick him up in the morning to class at Genting Klang (Clever) and drop him off after class.

Went back to Muar , last weekend and Sa-Yee bought him some kitchen science experiment kits to play with. Came back on Sunday because Brandon starts his class on Monday even though its a replacement holiday. Then went to 1U to try a new makan place called Xiao Ba Wang. Price wise ok, taste wise so so only. Will I return ? NO