Ngi Heh Ma Kai Yin ?(Hakka)

It was one of those lazy weekends and Debbie mentioned that both the boys characters are very different, one is passive and the other active. One is smarter the other is.... not so quick. Anyway it was one of those remarks  that said the "haolian" face comes from the Teo Chew blood and the loud voice comes from the Hakka blood. So I decided that it's time that Brandon learn about his family dialect. So I asked him

Me: Brandon,你是什么人?
Brandon: Huh?我是华人
Me: Yeah I know but Daddy is from the Hakka dialect and so you are Hakka too.
Brandon : Huh? You kidding me, are you serious?
Me: Yes, you are Hakka . So you must learn Hakka OK?
Brandon: DOWAN.....
Me: No , you must learn la.. OK We start Lesson 1 ok?
Brandon: Ok la
Me : We start ha!, Me in Hakka is "Ngai" , Pointing at him You is "Ngi", ok now you try
Brandon: "Yai", "Yi"
Me: No....! again, its "Ng......aaaiii not "Yai". "Ngggg....iiiii" not "Yi", ok? you try
Brandon: "Ngggaiiii","Ngggii"
Me: ok , good. Now next time some one asks you, "Ngi Heh Ma Kai Yin ?" you say "Ngai Heh Hakka Yin"
Brandon: Oh it means I like to eat Hakka Mee?
Everyone in the car was laughing hysterically , hhahaha!
Me: You ah! only think of food only! No.. la you silly , it means I am from Hakka dialect, ok now you try again ah!"Ngi Heh Ma Kai Yin ? you say "Ngai Heh Hakka Yin" ok?
Brandon: "Yai Heh Hakka Mi"
Me sound exasperated : No! "Its not "Yai" its Ngai, Yin not Mi
Brandon: "Ngai Heh Hakka Yin"
Me: Sigh.. good , finally you got it but don't know for how long, will test you again tomorrow.

I managed to find a photo of their great grandfather from the net and hopefully will be proud that their Hakka Tai Kung (Datuk Pang Tet Tshung born 9 Dec 1923)was in the Sabah cabinet and was awarded not too long as well.
Other facts gathered but unverified of his
i) great grand uncle. Extract :- "Pang Tet Hyun, M.D 1922-2011 A retired physician, passed away peacefully at home on September 19, 2011, at age 89 from complications of Parkinson's Disease. He is survived by his loving wife Anna of 46 years. He will be deeply missed by son Anson (Sue), daughter Amy (Rob) and his adored grandchildren Ryan, Tia, Christopher and Aaron, who gave him much love and joy. Born in Jesselton, Sabah, Malaysia to Vui Chau, Pang and Khyu Sin, Wan, he was the eldest of seven siblings. He is survived by brothers Tet Tshung, Tet Chong, and sister Oi Tsu. He was predeceased by his sister Nyuk Tsu and brothers Tet Kong and Tet Fui. "
ii) great great grand auntie   Extract  :"PANG Len Yin  (彭蓮英) 1889-1979, sister of Pang Vui Chau from Hometown: “Ten Tong” Village, China , 廣東省 東莞市 鳳崗鎮 天堂圍村

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