Happy New Year 2013

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Lucas 1st Day at Kindy

Today is the day of orientation for Lucas 1st day at school. Its as if he knows that he's starting school soon as he's been very persistent to play with his bags and also try to write with pencils.

The kids were mostly his age were bunched up to the same class but most of them came late eventually the kids swelled up to 29 in his class.Lucas was not his usual self. As he did a lot of surveying and refused to join in any of the class activities mainly playing with toys, singing and dancing. A few times he managed to slip out of class since everyone's busy. There so many parents who came and all the 4 corners of the compound was full of cars. So we waited till they went home at 1030am . Only then we went out for makan.

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Happy holidays at home

These are a few shots made at home since we spent a week around at home but can't really relax since kids never sit still.


Well Brandon was disappointed for not getting any prizes from holiday camp and since its Xmas as well. Decided to reward him with an Xbox Kinect. Hopefully it can help him to slim down and also keep him occupied by doing something active rather than sitting on the sofa vegetating.

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Clever Holiday Camp 2012

Well its the holidays again so we had to enrol Brandon to another holiday camp so we wont hear him whining and crying about being bored at home. So for the next 3 weeks he spent it from 10am-3pm everyday for 5 days a week going for outings and attending workshops. And at the end of the camp they graduate by giving a performance at their annual concert at the Mun Yee Primary School at Tmn P. Ramlee. This year Debbie had to go for a wedding dinner at Saujana Hotel. But before that we went to Ikano to shop around and also to bring Lucas and Brandon to Kidzania. Sa Yee and Ah Yee went with them in the afternoon and when evening comes I had to become driver to fetch Brandon to the concert and Debbie to Saujana Hotel for the dinner. Almost missed the performance as it was drizzling abit on the way back from Saujana Hotel.

Last year at least they had some consolation prize. This year they were not so nice. Brandon ended with no prize to bring home.

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Brandons group made "The Unfortunate Boy" which we asked, " Did you give the group the idea for the animation? Is the boy Brandon becoz he's so clumsy".

1st winner was the Oppa Gangnam style, 2nd went to the Detailed fighting scene

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MAHA !! Never never again

Saw the ad that was promoting the event, thought that it would be interesting to bring the kids along. So I suggested to go to the place and see what they could offer there. So had breakfast at Sri Petaling before going the expo. When we reached there, it was like one big market selling all sorts of stuffs some not even related to agricultural theme at all. Everybody tired, hot and thirsty, the vehicle traffic was bad enough the human traffic was even worse. In the thing we saw were mostly products you can find anywhere, it was just one BIG market. Never again

I want my HOLIDAY trip!!!

The other day Auntie Ah Tay was commenting that Brandon was so sad complaining that he's all alone at home doing homework while other kids were having holidays. Sigh! as usual we relented and arranged a short trip nearby so that we could satisfy his complaints. Now that he is Big Koko and has to give in to Lucas tantrums every so often, so we decided to reward him for a good school result this year.

We decided to go to Ipoh , again!. At least, he could enjoy a trip outstation and he really liked the water theme park. Then Auntie Ah Tay could visit her sister and mummy Pang can satisfy her food shopping also. So its a 3 in 1 solution.

We started off the trip about 730am left KL and reached Ipoh nearly 10am. It rained a bit and there were some accidents along the way. First stop at Yoke Fook Mun dim sum. Debbie came here the last round and she was satisfied with the food so we came to this place and had our breakfast. They were raving about the egg tarts but I wasn't really interested. Next stop Lost World of Tambun. We could have bought the tickets online thereby could have saved abit but since they couldn't confirm the tickets on time so we bought it from the counter instead. Lesson learnt, " Buy tickets at least 1 week in advance". As usual Brandon couldn't wait as he just wanted to play in the water while I had to keep an eye on Lucas in case he goes missing.

The locker charges were quite expensive @RM10 but then losing money is even more expensive isn't it? We didn't try most of the rides , just the train from the Petting Zoo and also the pirate ship. I swear I nearly wanted to vomit after the pirate ship ride, I guess age is catching up. Went to have a soak at the Hot Springs Pool. Then just before leaving the park, while waiting ,I went for a short walk and found the other attractions like the Swan Lake, Tiger Valley, Tin Valley, Team Building Park etc. Most of the areas were for picture taking.

Then went back to Ipoh to drop Auntie Ah Tay at Jalan Papan then we checked in at Ritz Garden Hotel again. We had the Family Premier Room with 2 King Size Bed for 300/nite, it was very spacious but more important CLEAN. While the rest had some makan at the water park I decided to leave room for some good grub. After checking in, I decided to look for some good makan and the only ones opened at 4-5pm was the stall opposite. I decided to run across in the evening rain and tahpau some back to the hotel room from Cathay Mee Stall. Bought some kacang putih and some drinks to satisfy the others in case they ask where is their share. The result was good makan it was even reviewed by others saying it was the best in Ipoh.

Night came and Debbie decided to have the Lou Wong Bean Sprouts Chicken, the taiko of Chicken Rice. So went to pick up Auntie Ah Tay and headed back to Ipoh town, it was raining quite heavily and nearly wanted to change venue but I persisted and we had our hunger pangs satisfied. Food in Ipoh is good and cheap. After dinner we were all tired and decided to sleep it off but as always have to make Lucas sleep first before we could sleep. That meant lights out for everyone.

Next morning had some breakfast at the hotel then lazed in the hotel room until we had lunch at nearby food court introduced by Auntie Ah Tays brother in law. The food was ok actually ordered alot of food that we couldn't finish. After that we went jalan jalan , we went to the new Jusco mall at Aeon Ipoh Station 18. The place was new and big. As usual the boys were hooked on the amusement park and the ladies were shopping for clothes. After awhile drove back and rested awhile in the hotel room before leaving for Taiping.

First stop was Taiping Lake Garden. Though the time was short and there were quite alot of kids at the playground, the sky was getting dark quite fast but at least we were there. Then turned the other direction to Kampung Matang, Yee Seng. By the time we reached, it was quite dark. The place was packed by then. Actually on the way there we noticed a car in front of us was going the same way as we were "Tam ciak". So we ordered the usuals and waited.. waited.. waited. The food arrived and it was good and fresh, cheap too!.

After dinner we left then went back to Taiping Night Safari Zoo, on the way there noticed it was raining and was getting heavier by the minute. By the time we reached it was still raining, so decided to go back to avoid the kids being sick after the rain outing. So disappointed but had to turn back to Ipoh which was quite a long drive. Another day has passed and were equally tired.

Last day and we decided to skip the hotel breakfast and have breakfast at Thean Chun in Ipoh Old Town for the familiar white coffee and satay. Actually wanted to spend the last moments in the hotel enjoying the hotel facilities and the kids were already changed for the swimming pool but unfortunately they were cleaning the pool and just put in the chlorine. So as usual Brandon felt dejected as he changed back to his clothes. Checked out , then the shopping spree began we had to stop by Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken, Funny Mountain Soya Milk, Smoked Duck from Tat Seng. Then at the spur of the moment Debbie instructed me to find the Ipoh Kg Kacang Putih. Sigh! after many arguments in the car, finally reached the place.

Then back to Auntie Ah Tays brother in law kopi tiam at Lorong Cecil Rae which is a halal kopi tiam that opens from afternoon till night behind another Kopi Tiam Canning Garden which opens in the morning. It seems that Brandon liked their sirap+ice cream+7 up drink and the Fried Rice YKK style. So we had our late lunch before leaving back to KL. Actually the next door shop selling fruits looked really good as well. They were saying that Tambun pomelos were nice and it was expensive buying them from the Sam Poh Tong stalls "Tourist Traps". So we decided to buy from the stall next door instead. We left around 4pm reached home about 9pm, tired!!! Luckily we had an additional day of rest to recover from the holiday. Ironic isnt it? We were supposed to be rested during a holiday and we ended being tired from a holiday.

Ah Yee ROM dinner

It was a Saturday evening, drizzling the whole day and we were still early. Dinner was at the Tropicana Club House.

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Brandon Year 3 Results

After many nights of coaching last year , this year unfortunately with the coming of Rachel I couldn't spend much time with Brandon. I had hoped that he could be independent to check on his homework and finish it on time so he won't get scolded in school. Well it looks like all my investment in his tuition classes is working. He's able to handle himself and I don't have to hound on him to check his homework.

This year when my birthday came, I teased him about giving me a gift. I told him that the only gift I wanted from him was to do well in his class. He got no. 3 in his class for 1st term. So the next term I told him I wanted him to get no. 1 in class. Of course he protested loudly and said it was impossible to reach the goal. Well he surprised himself and got it. Initially when I was in Weifang during a biz trip his teacher told him he got no.1 in class but we teased him , whether the numbering system started from the worse to the best. Haha! Well we had been asking him a few times for his report card and finally we saw it yesterday.

Thank you Brandon! I am proud of you , I hope you can do better next year!

Lazy lazy lazy

Haven't been taking much photos as we have been trying to juggle taking care of the kids and finishing some house chores at home. Yet most of the time have been relying on the phone to take photos of the kids.

So this is just a collection of some random shots

Happi Birthday to me!!!

Didnt plan to do much so just went back to Muar to let Ah Ma n Ah Kung see the little ones.

Have you heard of a banshee screaming I'm sure its almost like Lucas screaming
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Busy Sept

After taking care of 3 kids, I'm already feeling very stretched for time, esp when all 3 of them expects to be attended at the same time. Hopefully it will get better in future, I hope.

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Lucas at the playgrd
Tea, coffee or me? yum yum but pls dont take my teapot away. Grr....... Im so angry angry, Throw throw throw! — at KL Festival City Mall.

Lucas D Kaypo from Pang on Vimeo.

Lucas D Kaypo or D Cleaner or Child Labor? — at Auntie Tays house.

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Ori version of Lucas dancing — at Auntie Tays house.

Happy Month old birthday Rachel

Well we had Rachel's celebration at Octopus Sushi. It was quite easy to arrange but I forgot to take pictures as I was busy.

Another lazy afternoon

Debbie has been enjoying her maternity leave and found several photos and stuffs still in her iphone so asked me to transfer out some. Meanwhile we are already planning the coming "full month" party for Rachel . Was thinking Octopus Sushi n Thai where we tried some of the food and it was nice.

Lucas had his first taste of Muar otak

And baby makes 5

After months of waiting, he new princess finally arrives. I was still having car problems and Debbie was complaining of inconsistent contractions since afternoon. Then it rained about 3 something. Asked Michelle to give me a lift to pick the stupid car at Eon Service @ Glenmarie then took the NPE and picked Debbie at the ground lobby. It was quite obvious she was going into labour soon but we had to stop at the house to pick up some stuffs, bathed and changed before checking in at Gleneagle INTAN. Auntie Tay would be taking care of the kids while we were in hospital. Unfortunately Dr. Wong was still in Hong Kong attending some convention (sounds like a paid holiday by the pharmaceutical companies). So had to wait for the substitute which was Dr. Suhaiza. She was very nice and she took charge when the contractions started to drop in order to induce it around 12 something. Then finally around 2 am , the princess arrives.

After the whole thing was done. I went home had some instant noodle before taking a nap then bringing Brandon to school with his lunch box. Then back to the hospital with some stuffs for Debbie. I called my contact to arrange the chinese name for baby Rachel which was the same contact who did it for Lucas. Then back home again to pick up Brandon and made sure he finished his homework. I brought Lucas and Brandon to visit them at the hospital. But Lucas was already showing signs of jealousy. He was not responding with signs of affection for baby. Then next day sent Brandon back to school again with his nasi lemak lunch box once that was done I had to rush to Seremban to say my last goodbye to Popo. Most of the people attended were mainly close members of the family. Nyuk Khee, Mui Khee were pregnant,so they stayed home while Ah Bee and me were there. The cremation was done at the Indian crematorium near Templer. We had lunch at Regent before I head back to the hospital , then spent some time there before rushing back to pick up Brandon from tuition classes and making supper before he sleeps.

The next day, I had an early start after sending Brandon to school and I rushed to JPN to register baby Rachel. Her full name would be Rachel Pang Zi Xuan 彭姿瑄. This was after multiple reviews, we finally settled for this name. the whole process was done at Sri Rampai JPN office which took just 20 minutes. But the rain came , AGAIN!! and so I was stuck in traffic close to an hour before I could reach the hospital. Once there we were all ready to check out. Mana tau! Rachel got high level of jaundice so she had to stay for one more day while Debbie checked out. The bill came out to about 5k+. Before that I had to pick up the confinement lady from the SHL agency. That's another 3k+.

After settling down the lady , the next day we brought Rachel home but as usual before that we made a pitstop at SS2 to buy pork from Sanbanto. So finally on Friday everything was done and Ah Ma n Ah Kung came for a visit.

A visit to Bentong

Last Sunday we had planned to go Bentong so that Debbie can stock up the Bentong ginger for her coming confinement. I started early by filling up gas at 7am before everyone wakes up. Lo and behold , I didnt know that the day was the Stn Chart KL Marathon. Curses to them running freaks as I had to wait at Bulatan Pahang for close to 45 min before I could move and was held back the other way home as well.

Finally when everyone was awake and ready we set off. The drive was quite taxing for my trusty Waja as we had to climb hills after hills. And after an hour we reached Bentong. First thing we did was to look for food. Had done some homework before and I stumbled upon Motor mouth. His recommendation was Hoi Kee at  a coffee shop near the Pasar. Virtually everything interesting revolves around the pasar. When we got there the usual queue was there and everyone was trying to get a seat for themselves, nobody will give any allowance for the pregnant lady or the guy carrying a kid while waiting for a table. The queue took abt 15 minutes till someone gave way so that we could sit and another good 20 minute for the Wantan Mee. Verdict is "Over rated" should have makan the Tiong Nam Wantan Mee instead of wasting my time for this. We tried the chee cheong fun and I was pleasantly surprised, I'd say this dish is much better as their chilli has a bit of curry taste and the sweet sauce is not sickeningly sweet like what we have in KL. Hence I didnt bother to take picture of the wantan mee but more of the chee cheong fun.

Once we were done, off to the market and got ourselves the famous ginger , the pineapple tart but we missed the tau foo pok,as they were all sold out. The weather was getting scorching hot so we quickly moved on and call it a day. On the way out we saw the famous Kow Po and tried their ice cream. Again "nothing special" quite expensive as well. Oh what the heck since we  were here might as well try them.
On the way back we thought of passing by the Kg Bukit Tinggi where all the vegetables and ginger originates from.But everyone was still full and feeling tired , we just moved on and didn't stop for a visit. Will we return? maybe for the makan at Kg Bukit Tinggi and Chamang waterfalls but definitely a turn off for the wantan mee.

First term exam results

Looks like my investment in Brandon's tuition paid off. At least nowadays I dont have to scream my head off to get him to do his homework. You guys out there who are "bananas" would know how difficult to teach your own children Chinese. But still I have to check his homework and spelling every night else he will get zero for his spellings.

Yay!!! Holidays are here!

Sigh! thats what every parent fears most. What you are going to do to fill up the time for the children so they wont drive you crazy at home. This time round Kevin came all the way from Ipoh to spend his holiday at KL. What to do in KL ah? So we went to National Science Centre on the first day but before that we had our lunch at publika, Again???? This must be the 3rd time this month. Anyway the last round we didnt get to eat the chlli pan mee so this round must take revenge and eat till "pao pao". By the time we went for all the displays and games at NSC it was close to 4pm. Everyone was tired and the boys were only asking for "maggi mee".

Canteen Day

Must admit I haven't been updating as much as I liked mainly doing some MPV shopping and spending the weekends cleaning up the house to prepare for the new princess. So took a couple of phone shots and then some shots at Chilli's and at publika again. Recently went to Kah Hee which Debbie has been talking about.Aiyah normal Chinese food la, nothing to shout about.
Last weekend had a visit at Brandons Canteen Day where they had a fund raising event that sells food and games ,etc . Sohot quickly ta pau and went back home. Everything was expensive but for charity la nevermind la. 

2012 BirdPark

Lately I had been spending too much time looking at the online offers from Living social. Saw an offer for the KL Bird Park so I took the offer which was quarter of the official price.
Had some breakfast at Yut Kee before leaving for the Bird Park. Was early by 15 minutes and had to wait for them to open at 9am. We took the 2nd route which we didnt get a chance to go the last round when it rained. This time it was very very hot instead.
By the time we finished the 1st route we were so tired and hot we decided to leave abt 10:50 nearly 2 hrs of walking.

Later we rested till 4 pm , 2 hrs of walk needs 4 hrs of rest. Skipped lunch and went for dinner near JJ at Rampai Park which was quite good.

Studio results

OK after last week studio session we went to collect the photos before leaving for Muar. Unfortunately when I got there was disappointed that the guy had messed up and we were left with no photos but he managed to recover some of them. So the deal was we take these back and review them , then we can arrange for another shoot. When we got them it wasn't impressive at all. Needless to say a $50 job will only give you those results. Sigh! So did a bit of touch up to make it more lively.

Lunch at Publika

Today was a holiday for the Agongs coronation. It was a cloudy morning so we had some light breakfast then went to Publika for lunch at Hartamas Heights. A rare public food court that is non halal. Would have taken a few pics if they had let me take them as I was reprimanded not to. They even had 2 cafe inside the supermarket. As usual Brandon will check out the bookstores they have one is Mynews.com the other is MPH. Food wise lots of choices esp. pork!! Hardly see any "huan kia" mostly expats and "teng lang".

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucas

Debbie had an idea to do a studio session with Lucas when she chanced upon an attractive offer from Groupon that costs only $50. So I had to pay for it and also apply leave on that day to take them to the studio. I think it was becoz of the last session that we had the outdoor photo session that wasn't ideal so this was another chance to make up for that. Dont know much about the photographer but from his portfolio looks ok kua.

Auntie kept him from home again to celebrate the actual birthday with him. After work had lunch at Lala cheong then took half day off for Lucas photo shoot. Had a bit of rain on the way so turned on my GPS as Im not familiar with Kuchai Lama. So hard to get parking at the place as the cars were commonly double parked. So Debbie went down to look for the shop as I tried to get a parking space. Luckily someone just left so I parked next to the fire hydrant in front of K3K Benta Kaya. Brandon had dozed off in the car and was complaining being too sleepy so had to drag him to the place. The set up was simple the results were even simpler . In the end paid another 50 totaling $100 to get 10 pics with the soft copies as well. After the shots were taken, went to K3K for some drink before going back home. Luckily Diana offered to buy KFC so we went straight home to celebrate Lucas's KFC birthday.

Spent our weekend for 2 evenings at 1 U to try some of the Singapore branches. First Samsui Ginger Chicken on Sat nite then PuTien on Sunday. Actually wanted to have Putien on Sat but the queue was too long so gave up and had this instead.

2012 Langkawi

Its the school holidays again. This time round we have decided to return to Langkawi again. So booked for a 4 day 3 night stay at Kuah town, Hotel Asia. Read a few good reviews by Tripadvisor. Invited Ah Ma n Ah Kung, Tua Yee & Sa yee but Sa Yee cancelled and went to NY, US instead. Si Yee went to Japan. This will be Lucas first trip to Langkawi.

From 2012langkawi

First day we reached Langkawi, we booked our tour and got ourselves a Nissan Serena becoz we had 6 of us and it would be more comfortable if we had more space. I was a bit apprehensive since I've never driven one before and the guy showed me to change gear with the stick and turn on the brake with legs instead of the handbrake. Off we go to check in and have a quick bite, had some Thai food in town but didn't feel satisfied. Found the hotel was satisfactory as it was clean and new. Rested awhile before going to the Bird Paradise Wildlife Park, the kids had fun feeding and petting the animals. We didn't spend much time as we went to shop around the famous Idaman Suri which was on our way back. We had dinner at Wonderland Food Centre then shop again at Teow Soon Huat as they had a big place for shopping.

Second day we went to have breakfast at the Water Garden Hawker Centre and for the next few days for breakfast as well. Then off we went for Tanjung Rhu jetty for the mangrove tour and the boat ride. Had to wait awhile and so we had some lunch at the fish farm before leaving for the rest of the tour. As much as I tried my camera just isn't made for catching fast action, tried a lot of times and I couldn't get a decent sharp shot. It was a relaxing ride and we came back in the afternoon to rest as it was very very hot in the afternoon. Rested before we go out looking for dinner in town again. Settled for Rootian Seafood Restaurant of which the food is more expensive but tasted better than yesterday. Actually wanted to try Wan Thai but they were closed for a week and opening tomorrow. Shopped at Teow Soo Huat again and met Jason , Jenny and the kids.

Third day we had another fishing trip which we depart from Tanjung Rhu Jetty again. We spent a few hours of fishing and I managed to get a juvenile grouper whereas the boatman caught another 2 decent size for lunch. We spent 350 for the 3.5 hr fishing trip which translates to our most expensive fish that we had ever eaten. We had a bit of drama by Brandon as he was so disappointed of not catching a single fish when we announced that we were leaving. He was sobbing uncontrollably and took about half an hour for him to settle down.

Went back to town and stopped at Restoran May Yi who cooked our fish, the cooking was good. Don't know whether it was becoz we were hungry but lunch tasted real good.
Brandon had been pestering wanting to go to the beach so we went to the nearest at Pantai Beringin but the beach was full of shells and wasn't very clean. So had to drive to the other side of the island , I missed a turning and went around the airport. Wanted to stop at Pantai Cenang but couldn't find a place to stop so went to Pantai Tengah instead. The kids had some fun for awhile before we drove back for dinner. Rested and went our for dinner later at night. Reached Wan Thai and found that they were fully booked so they asked us to order first and then come back at 8pm. So we went to shop AGAIN then came back to have our dinner. The food was good but spicy. Price was reasonable as well. Then stopped at the local pasar malam for a short walk before gong back to the hotel to rest.

Final day we had some breakfast and did some last minute shopping then off we went to the Perdana Quay and passed by the Telaga Harbour. Bought some expensive breads at The Loaf. Then off we went to the airport. Departed earlier and got back in LCCT on time but had to wait for Ah Kung n Ah Ma to sort out the taxi before we went home with Aunty Tay. We went with only one luggage but by the time we came back we bought another big luggage to carry our stuff back.

March weekends

Finally a weekend that I can make use of my camera yet I still get scolded by Debbie for being too engrossed in photo taking as Im expected to take are of Lucas when she's busy. Sigh!... Anyway today Brandon has replacement class for the holidays he took during the CNY holiday. Went to O&S for breakfast again then to Sanbanto again! but this time round without Brandon and I took Lucas to the playground. Later Brandon requested to have his new favorite restaurant Sanbanto again! The next day we had another round at Ban Kee after our grcoery shopping at Batu Caves Giant. Unfortunately they were out of crabs, oh..... no......crabs....!!!??? What's the point of having dinner then? Ate and went home unsatisifed, we will RETURN and take our revenge on you CRABS!!

Many holidays in Feb

There were so many holidays in this month that I was half aware that the month just whizzed by and its already month end. We just relaxed at home most of the time and didnt have time for any thing else. The interesting things happenned was Lucas was playing my house keys and he lost it with the front door lock as well. I was mad as hell as we were preparing to leave home and I couldn't find my keys even though we spend around half an hour to look for it. Its been a week later and I still haven't found the keys or lock. Luckily we had a spare lock and spare keys else we'll be locked in.

The naughty fella is just so.... adorable with his antics as he's starting to talk , just feel so angry and geram with him at the same time. Sigh!  what to do? He's our son. Brandon is starting his 1st term exams this week so need to drill him with some exercise and also feed him some Brands essence before he leaves for school. Yee.... Brandon will grimace but at least he will finish it not like naughty Lucas who will just spit anything that he doesnt like.

From February 29, 2012

From February 29, 2012

From February 29, 2012

From February 29, 2012

From February 29, 2012

CNY2012 Huat ah! Heng ah!

This year as usual the reunion dinner will be at my place so I thought of doing a little bit of deco, so went to Petaling St to buy some lantern lights since Lucas loves them.  We'll usually asks him "美吗?" and he will reply美....!

Dinner was ok except for the 一品锅 got spoiled by the sea cucumber which was expensive but had a very strong fishy smell. Then Lucas skin had a bit of a rash so we rushed him to the clinic to get some medicine as he was quite upset by the itch. We suspect its becoz of the 肉干, so we kept him away from oranges and bakua. The next morning we went to Ah Bee's place for some vegetarian and then onward to Seremban. First stop Limbok , had some 面线 next Lemon Hill but was caught by the rain storm which was quite heavy. Waited till Dad arrived before we left for Muar at 5pm. Reached Muar by 7pm at TuaKoo's place and the kids had some fun with the fire crackers.

Next day had a full day of entertaining the Ah Ma's Johor Laksa Open House. This year we even invited a lion dance troupe so it was quite exciting and fun. The guests streamed in till late at night and we were bushed at the end of the day.

3rd Day of CNY Diana brought the kids to Tanjong Emas to see monkeys but it was too late and was getting hot. So brought them to the playground instead. Lucas was about to fall asleep in the car as he woke up quite early this morning. While we were there I bought a kite for Brandon as I had failed to help him fly a kite after previous promises. Finally after a few attempts , got it airborne so I handed it to Brandon to play with it. After a few minutes he got bored with it and complained he was hot and tired. Sigh!... this generation of kids definition of fun is playing in the air-cond room with PSP or any gadgets. Packed up and left soon after as the weather was getting too hot. Went for brunch at Parit Jawa with the JB gang. They came yesterday but missed the lion dance. After lunch went to Alicia's house for some gambling sessions. Lost some money though, the 万字 didn't turn out also, aiya no luck la. Came back rested and had a simple dinner.

Sanbanto Pork Temple

We planned to get supplies for the coming Chinese new year, so Debbie had ordered the pork from Sanbanto and so we had our dinner there as well. We ordered 3 dishes which I thought was too much , with  Brandon & Lucas around , mana tau!, almost not enough to eat. This is our 2nd visit which I thought tasted better the 2nd time. We ordered spaghetti, pork chops and burgers. Finally our assessment is Sanbanto vs Cristang, Sanbanto wins in terms of price and taste. I guess we'll be making more trips here to buy pork and spare parts. Very big diff in terms of pork smell, which they claim doesn't smell of "ter kor".


Lazy January

After the long holidays in Dec 2011, dont feel used to working days as there's another flurry of holidays coming very soon. About 5 public holidays for 3 weeks from end Jan to early Feb, so if you apply for 10 days leave between these 3 weeks you won't be going to the office for 3 weeks.

New Year 2012 came and went not much to expect, had went to JJ and came back quite late. Wanted to go to the roof top to catch some of the fireworks but stomach ache. Was doing my business when I heard the loud explosions and I knew I missed it , nvm there's always next year but not according to the Mayans ... ah nvm that's another story.