A visit to Bentong

Last Sunday we had planned to go Bentong so that Debbie can stock up the Bentong ginger for her coming confinement. I started early by filling up gas at 7am before everyone wakes up. Lo and behold , I didnt know that the day was the Stn Chart KL Marathon. Curses to them running freaks as I had to wait at Bulatan Pahang for close to 45 min before I could move and was held back the other way home as well.

Finally when everyone was awake and ready we set off. The drive was quite taxing for my trusty Waja as we had to climb hills after hills. And after an hour we reached Bentong. First thing we did was to look for food. Had done some homework before and I stumbled upon Motor mouth. His recommendation was Hoi Kee at  a coffee shop near the Pasar. Virtually everything interesting revolves around the pasar. When we got there the usual queue was there and everyone was trying to get a seat for themselves, nobody will give any allowance for the pregnant lady or the guy carrying a kid while waiting for a table. The queue took abt 15 minutes till someone gave way so that we could sit and another good 20 minute for the Wantan Mee. Verdict is "Over rated" should have makan the Tiong Nam Wantan Mee instead of wasting my time for this. We tried the chee cheong fun and I was pleasantly surprised, I'd say this dish is much better as their chilli has a bit of curry taste and the sweet sauce is not sickeningly sweet like what we have in KL. Hence I didnt bother to take picture of the wantan mee but more of the chee cheong fun.

Once we were done, off to the market and got ourselves the famous ginger , the pineapple tart but we missed the tau foo pok,as they were all sold out. The weather was getting scorching hot so we quickly moved on and call it a day. On the way out we saw the famous Kow Po and tried their ice cream. Again "nothing special" quite expensive as well. Oh what the heck since we  were here might as well try them.
On the way back we thought of passing by the Kg Bukit Tinggi where all the vegetables and ginger originates from.But everyone was still full and feeling tired , we just moved on and didn't stop for a visit. Will we return? maybe for the makan at Kg Bukit Tinggi and Chamang waterfalls but definitely a turn off for the wantan mee.

First term exam results

Looks like my investment in Brandon's tuition paid off. At least nowadays I dont have to scream my head off to get him to do his homework. You guys out there who are "bananas" would know how difficult to teach your own children Chinese. But still I have to check his homework and spelling every night else he will get zero for his spellings.