CNY2012 Huat ah! Heng ah!

This year as usual the reunion dinner will be at my place so I thought of doing a little bit of deco, so went to Petaling St to buy some lantern lights since Lucas loves them.  We'll usually asks him "美吗?" and he will reply美....!

Dinner was ok except for the 一品锅 got spoiled by the sea cucumber which was expensive but had a very strong fishy smell. Then Lucas skin had a bit of a rash so we rushed him to the clinic to get some medicine as he was quite upset by the itch. We suspect its becoz of the 肉干, so we kept him away from oranges and bakua. The next morning we went to Ah Bee's place for some vegetarian and then onward to Seremban. First stop Limbok , had some 面线 next Lemon Hill but was caught by the rain storm which was quite heavy. Waited till Dad arrived before we left for Muar at 5pm. Reached Muar by 7pm at TuaKoo's place and the kids had some fun with the fire crackers.

Next day had a full day of entertaining the Ah Ma's Johor Laksa Open House. This year we even invited a lion dance troupe so it was quite exciting and fun. The guests streamed in till late at night and we were bushed at the end of the day.

3rd Day of CNY Diana brought the kids to Tanjong Emas to see monkeys but it was too late and was getting hot. So brought them to the playground instead. Lucas was about to fall asleep in the car as he woke up quite early this morning. While we were there I bought a kite for Brandon as I had failed to help him fly a kite after previous promises. Finally after a few attempts , got it airborne so I handed it to Brandon to play with it. After a few minutes he got bored with it and complained he was hot and tired. Sigh!... this generation of kids definition of fun is playing in the air-cond room with PSP or any gadgets. Packed up and left soon after as the weather was getting too hot. Went for brunch at Parit Jawa with the JB gang. They came yesterday but missed the lion dance. After lunch went to Alicia's house for some gambling sessions. Lost some money though, the 万字 didn't turn out also, aiya no luck la. Came back rested and had a simple dinner.