Happy 2nd Birthday Lucas

Debbie had an idea to do a studio session with Lucas when she chanced upon an attractive offer from Groupon that costs only $50. So I had to pay for it and also apply leave on that day to take them to the studio. I think it was becoz of the last session that we had the outdoor photo session that wasn't ideal so this was another chance to make up for that. Dont know much about the photographer but from his portfolio looks ok kua.

Auntie kept him from home again to celebrate the actual birthday with him. After work had lunch at Lala cheong then took half day off for Lucas photo shoot. Had a bit of rain on the way so turned on my GPS as Im not familiar with Kuchai Lama. So hard to get parking at the place as the cars were commonly double parked. So Debbie went down to look for the shop as I tried to get a parking space. Luckily someone just left so I parked next to the fire hydrant in front of K3K Benta Kaya. Brandon had dozed off in the car and was complaining being too sleepy so had to drag him to the place. The set up was simple the results were even simpler . In the end paid another 50 totaling $100 to get 10 pics with the soft copies as well. After the shots were taken, went to K3K for some drink before going back home. Luckily Diana offered to buy KFC so we went straight home to celebrate Lucas's KFC birthday.

Spent our weekend for 2 evenings at 1 U to try some of the Singapore branches. First Samsui Ginger Chicken on Sat nite then PuTien on Sunday. Actually wanted to have Putien on Sat but the queue was too long so gave up and had this instead.