2012 BirdPark

Lately I had been spending too much time looking at the online offers from Living social. Saw an offer for the KL Bird Park so I took the offer which was quarter of the official price.
Had some breakfast at Yut Kee before leaving for the Bird Park. Was early by 15 minutes and had to wait for them to open at 9am. We took the 2nd route which we didnt get a chance to go the last round when it rained. This time it was very very hot instead.
By the time we finished the 1st route we were so tired and hot we decided to leave abt 10:50 nearly 2 hrs of walking.

Later we rested till 4 pm , 2 hrs of walk needs 4 hrs of rest. Skipped lunch and went for dinner near JJ at Rampai Park which was quite good.