And baby makes 5

After months of waiting, he new princess finally arrives. I was still having car problems and Debbie was complaining of inconsistent contractions since afternoon. Then it rained about 3 something. Asked Michelle to give me a lift to pick the stupid car at Eon Service @ Glenmarie then took the NPE and picked Debbie at the ground lobby. It was quite obvious she was going into labour soon but we had to stop at the house to pick up some stuffs, bathed and changed before checking in at Gleneagle INTAN. Auntie Tay would be taking care of the kids while we were in hospital. Unfortunately Dr. Wong was still in Hong Kong attending some convention (sounds like a paid holiday by the pharmaceutical companies). So had to wait for the substitute which was Dr. Suhaiza. She was very nice and she took charge when the contractions started to drop in order to induce it around 12 something. Then finally around 2 am , the princess arrives.

After the whole thing was done. I went home had some instant noodle before taking a nap then bringing Brandon to school with his lunch box. Then back to the hospital with some stuffs for Debbie. I called my contact to arrange the chinese name for baby Rachel which was the same contact who did it for Lucas. Then back home again to pick up Brandon and made sure he finished his homework. I brought Lucas and Brandon to visit them at the hospital. But Lucas was already showing signs of jealousy. He was not responding with signs of affection for baby. Then next day sent Brandon back to school again with his nasi lemak lunch box once that was done I had to rush to Seremban to say my last goodbye to Popo. Most of the people attended were mainly close members of the family. Nyuk Khee, Mui Khee were pregnant,so they stayed home while Ah Bee and me were there. The cremation was done at the Indian crematorium near Templer. We had lunch at Regent before I head back to the hospital , then spent some time there before rushing back to pick up Brandon from tuition classes and making supper before he sleeps.

The next day, I had an early start after sending Brandon to school and I rushed to JPN to register baby Rachel. Her full name would be Rachel Pang Zi Xuan 彭姿瑄. This was after multiple reviews, we finally settled for this name. the whole process was done at Sri Rampai JPN office which took just 20 minutes. But the rain came , AGAIN!! and so I was stuck in traffic close to an hour before I could reach the hospital. Once there we were all ready to check out. Mana tau! Rachel got high level of jaundice so she had to stay for one more day while Debbie checked out. The bill came out to about 5k+. Before that I had to pick up the confinement lady from the SHL agency. That's another 3k+.

After settling down the lady , the next day we brought Rachel home but as usual before that we made a pitstop at SS2 to buy pork from Sanbanto. So finally on Friday everything was done and Ah Ma n Ah Kung came for a visit.