Brandon Year 3 Results

After many nights of coaching last year , this year unfortunately with the coming of Rachel I couldn't spend much time with Brandon. I had hoped that he could be independent to check on his homework and finish it on time so he won't get scolded in school. Well it looks like all my investment in his tuition classes is working. He's able to handle himself and I don't have to hound on him to check his homework.

This year when my birthday came, I teased him about giving me a gift. I told him that the only gift I wanted from him was to do well in his class. He got no. 3 in his class for 1st term. So the next term I told him I wanted him to get no. 1 in class. Of course he protested loudly and said it was impossible to reach the goal. Well he surprised himself and got it. Initially when I was in Weifang during a biz trip his teacher told him he got no.1 in class but we teased him , whether the numbering system started from the worse to the best. Haha! Well we had been asking him a few times for his report card and finally we saw it yesterday.

Thank you Brandon! I am proud of you , I hope you can do better next year!