I want my HOLIDAY trip!!!

The other day Auntie Ah Tay was commenting that Brandon was so sad complaining that he's all alone at home doing homework while other kids were having holidays. Sigh! as usual we relented and arranged a short trip nearby so that we could satisfy his complaints. Now that he is Big Koko and has to give in to Lucas tantrums every so often, so we decided to reward him for a good school result this year.

We decided to go to Ipoh , again!. At least, he could enjoy a trip outstation and he really liked the water theme park. Then Auntie Ah Tay could visit her sister and mummy Pang can satisfy her food shopping also. So its a 3 in 1 solution.

We started off the trip about 730am left KL and reached Ipoh nearly 10am. It rained a bit and there were some accidents along the way. First stop at Yoke Fook Mun dim sum. Debbie came here the last round and she was satisfied with the food so we came to this place and had our breakfast. They were raving about the egg tarts but I wasn't really interested. Next stop Lost World of Tambun. We could have bought the tickets online thereby could have saved abit but since they couldn't confirm the tickets on time so we bought it from the counter instead. Lesson learnt, " Buy tickets at least 1 week in advance". As usual Brandon couldn't wait as he just wanted to play in the water while I had to keep an eye on Lucas in case he goes missing.

The locker charges were quite expensive @RM10 but then losing money is even more expensive isn't it? We didn't try most of the rides , just the train from the Petting Zoo and also the pirate ship. I swear I nearly wanted to vomit after the pirate ship ride, I guess age is catching up. Went to have a soak at the Hot Springs Pool. Then just before leaving the park, while waiting ,I went for a short walk and found the other attractions like the Swan Lake, Tiger Valley, Tin Valley, Team Building Park etc. Most of the areas were for picture taking.

Then went back to Ipoh to drop Auntie Ah Tay at Jalan Papan then we checked in at Ritz Garden Hotel again. We had the Family Premier Room with 2 King Size Bed for 300/nite, it was very spacious but more important CLEAN. While the rest had some makan at the water park I decided to leave room for some good grub. After checking in, I decided to look for some good makan and the only ones opened at 4-5pm was the stall opposite. I decided to run across in the evening rain and tahpau some back to the hotel room from Cathay Mee Stall. Bought some kacang putih and some drinks to satisfy the others in case they ask where is their share. The result was good makan it was even reviewed by others saying it was the best in Ipoh.

Night came and Debbie decided to have the Lou Wong Bean Sprouts Chicken, the taiko of Chicken Rice. So went to pick up Auntie Ah Tay and headed back to Ipoh town, it was raining quite heavily and nearly wanted to change venue but I persisted and we had our hunger pangs satisfied. Food in Ipoh is good and cheap. After dinner we were all tired and decided to sleep it off but as always have to make Lucas sleep first before we could sleep. That meant lights out for everyone.

Next morning had some breakfast at the hotel then lazed in the hotel room until we had lunch at nearby food court introduced by Auntie Ah Tays brother in law. The food was ok actually ordered alot of food that we couldn't finish. After that we went jalan jalan , we went to the new Jusco mall at Aeon Ipoh Station 18. The place was new and big. As usual the boys were hooked on the amusement park and the ladies were shopping for clothes. After awhile drove back and rested awhile in the hotel room before leaving for Taiping.

First stop was Taiping Lake Garden. Though the time was short and there were quite alot of kids at the playground, the sky was getting dark quite fast but at least we were there. Then turned the other direction to Kampung Matang, Yee Seng. By the time we reached, it was quite dark. The place was packed by then. Actually on the way there we noticed a car in front of us was going the same way as we were "Tam ciak". So we ordered the usuals and waited.. waited.. waited. The food arrived and it was good and fresh, cheap too!.

After dinner we left then went back to Taiping Night Safari Zoo, on the way there noticed it was raining and was getting heavier by the minute. By the time we reached it was still raining, so decided to go back to avoid the kids being sick after the rain outing. So disappointed but had to turn back to Ipoh which was quite a long drive. Another day has passed and were equally tired.

Last day and we decided to skip the hotel breakfast and have breakfast at Thean Chun in Ipoh Old Town for the familiar white coffee and satay. Actually wanted to spend the last moments in the hotel enjoying the hotel facilities and the kids were already changed for the swimming pool but unfortunately they were cleaning the pool and just put in the chlorine. So as usual Brandon felt dejected as he changed back to his clothes. Checked out , then the shopping spree began we had to stop by Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken, Funny Mountain Soya Milk, Smoked Duck from Tat Seng. Then at the spur of the moment Debbie instructed me to find the Ipoh Kg Kacang Putih. Sigh! after many arguments in the car, finally reached the place.

Then back to Auntie Ah Tays brother in law kopi tiam at Lorong Cecil Rae which is a halal kopi tiam that opens from afternoon till night behind another Kopi Tiam Canning Garden which opens in the morning. It seems that Brandon liked their sirap+ice cream+7 up drink and the Fried Rice YKK style. So we had our late lunch before leaving back to KL. Actually the next door shop selling fruits looked really good as well. They were saying that Tambun pomelos were nice and it was expensive buying them from the Sam Poh Tong stalls "Tourist Traps". So we decided to buy from the stall next door instead. We left around 4pm reached home about 9pm, tired!!! Luckily we had an additional day of rest to recover from the holiday. Ironic isnt it? We were supposed to be rested during a holiday and we ended being tired from a holiday.